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How to camp safely during COVID-19

2020 brought a boom in interest in camping holidays. But from the messages I received over the year I know that a lot of people had reservations and were wondering whether it is possible to camp safely during COVID-19.

There’s no doubt that camping is different during the pandemic. I’ve already shared what you can expect at campsites and our personal experiences of camping during COVID-19.

But what can you do to protect yourself and your family on a camping holiday during Coronavirus?

It’s important to say I am not a health expert and I have based this post on Government advice, the information currently available to the travel industry and common sense.

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Here’s what we did with our camper van during COVID-19 in 2020 – you may find it useful too:

Check campsites are adhering to Coronavirus guidelines

Before you book, check what the campsite’s response has been to the Government’s guidelines for hospitality businesses reopening.

You should be able to find this out on their website or by calling or emailing them direct.

Something else that you might find handy is to look out for the AA’s new COVID CONFIDENT accreditation. This is freely available to hotels, restaurants, pubs, B&Bs, campsites, self-catering accommodation, golf courses as they prepare to reopen.

If a campsite has the AA COVID CONFIDENT accreditation you know it has in place the necessary risk assessments, safety measures and staff training, in line with the Government and UKHospitality’s published guidelines.

You can find AA COVID CONFIDENT accredited accommodation listed on Rated Trips.

Follow the campsite’s rules 

Of course, every campsite and holiday park is different so they will have specific guidance for guests about social distancing and using their facilities.

Make sure you and everyone in your family is familiar with these rules. The site owners will thank you for being responsible guests.

Social distance

We’re all old hands at this now, but don’t let the holiday vibe distract you from safe social distancing in line with Government guidelines.

Take basic supplies

Minimise the number of times you need to go to the shops or supermarket by bringing camping essentials with you. That includes hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray and soap.

Plan your camping meals before you leave home.

Here’s some more camping packing lists that might help:

If you’re planning on making the most of camping opportunities outside the summer season then don’t get cold. An UCO candle lantern will help keep tents warm in the winter months.

Bring a good first aid kit

Make sure you are self-sufficient when it comes to treating the inevitable bumps, scratches, insect bites and cuts that go hand in hand with camping holidays with kids.

Buy, restock or bulk up your travel first aid kit before you set off your camping holiday.

Plan your activities in advance

Many family attractions and days out will be re-opening in July too. However, it may not be possible to rock up on the day and expect admission.

Many attractions like zoos, gardens, National Trust estates, English Heritage land and theme parks are taking bookings in advance to limit visitor numbers and allow for social distancing.

Some attractions will not be able to open straight away due to furloughed staff and needing more time to make their site safe for visitors. So always check before you visit, even if you just want to use the car park!

Find out what there is to do near your campsite or holiday park before you leave home.

Here are some websites that might help you plan if you are visiting these popular UK camping destinations:

Camping again in 2021

We will definitely be camping again in 2021. Our kids loved this summer and have been asking when we can go away in the camper van again with the same frequency that they usually ask about Christmas!

Of course, a lot of other people have taken up camping in 2020 and campsite are already getting booked up for next year. Here’s some advice from travel experts about planning your 2021 holidays.

Are you looking forward to camping in 2021? Do you have any concerns about how to camp safely during COVID-19?

Don’t forget to check out my posts about what to expect when campsites reopen, our top camping tips and common camping mistakes to avoid.

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Are you itching to go camping this summer but are worried about how to camp safely during COVID-19? Here's what we will be doing to minimse the risk #traveltips #travel #camping #caravanning #travelblog #advice #TinBoxTraveller #UKtravel #caravanning #campsites #holidayparks