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Most attractive nature parks in Ireland you’ll want to visit

Most attractive nature parks in Ireland you’ll want to visit

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Among the most stunning tourist attractions, significant monuments, and landmarks, Ireland is also famous for its natural parks. There are quite a handful of them, so if you are a real eco-nut and love spending time outside, surely you want to explore them! And we are here to help you fill out your itinerary with the best ones. So, buckle up, and let’s skim through Ireland’s most attractive nature parks!

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Killarney National Park

At number one, one of the most tourist-packed parks in Ireland, Killarney National Park!

Since its birth in 1932, the park has substantially enhanced and now sprawls over 10,000 hectares. And you can explore every corner!

One of the best-preserved native forests is here, and the scenic lands are full of rare, various species of inhabitants; its wilderness, flora, and fauna are of the best quality and diversity.

So, grab a ticket to Count Kerry and let yourself get lost in the greenery of Killarney National Park.

Burren National Park

1,500 hectares of mountains, bogs, heaths, grasslands, and forests – all of it create the unique, scenic landscape of the Burren National Park.

The wildlife and greenery here are so well-maintained that Burren is one of the six parks protected by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Though the smallest in Ireland, the park is worth the time you will spend roaming around, exploring, and encountering various animals and plants that are the perfect mix of Arctic-Alpine and Mediterranean ones! Make sure to stop by the Poulnabrone Dolmen, an impressive megalithic tomb! 

Extend your visit by stopping by Limerick, which is less than an hour from this national park. Here’s some great ideas for things to do in Limerick.

Also, check out other Ireland tours for inspiration!

Glenveagh National Park

The magical Glenveagh National Park has hectares of brooding mountains, stunning lakes, valleys, and forests, so every traveler’s dream comes true!

Being the second-largest national park in Ireland, Glenveagh is usually full of exploring, curious tourists, but do not worry – you will not brush shoulders with anyone! There is plenty of space.

Finally, stop by and tour the Clenveagh Castle, with red deers and rhododendrons surrounding the area.

Wicklow Mountains National Park

Perfect for camping, Wicklow Mountains National Park stretches through County Wicklow and a part of South Dublin. So, if you are already spending time in the capital, you will not have to go far to explore!

Overall, the park is an excellent choice for history enthusiasts and people looking for inspiration.

The dark, scenic sights will blow your mind, and the two nature reserves here are where you will find valley slopes and lakes, also oak woods that stretches from the Upper Lake to the Rathdrum road to the east. Indeed, you will have a blast! 

Connemara National Park

Last but not least, one of the most popular natural areas in Ireland – Connemara National Park.

Immense lands of woodlands, bog, and mountains are what attract crowds of visitors, and especially bird-watchers! That’s right!

There are several rare and impressive bird species, and the birdies overall love the clean air of the park!

You will encounter songbirds, wrens, robins, stonechats, and many more. If you do not fancy exploring on your own, there are guided nature walks, so check them out! 

Five stunning nature parks for you to choose from. Make sure you are well equipped with comfortable footwear, a camera, and maybe something for the insects! So breathe in the fresh air of forests and mountains, and start your Irish adventure now! 

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