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Kristy Mcdonald

Wednesday 29th of May 2019

Hello Claire, we are about to embark on a European holiday by car with our kids, 2,5,14 and older kids 24 and 22. I’m terrified we have traveled before with kids we did parts of France by car 5 year ago, we have flown to Budapest with kids but stayed in 5 star accommodation each time . This time we have a limited budget and travelling with a 2 year old with a heart condition ( we have a certificate from cardiologist ) I’m not great at research and so frustrated lol trying to work out a budget for fuel,taxes,accommodation and meals not to mention entry to sites, activities and a bit of shopping . Originally we wanted to start off with Amsterdam (our older kids wanted to spend a few days ) then through Germany and to Budapest for a few days this is where our budget will be stretched on accommodation as we stay at the Corinthia hotel normally. Then we want to do Italy this will be where most of our time will be spent this trip we want to do Pompeii ( only accommodation that’s booked so far and we leave in 9 days ) we then want to go along the coast all the way to Spain , back to France for a few days then home to the UK We don’t have any commitments as yet apart from the Pompeii accommodation 17th -21st of June so we can be flexible and if budget gets too tight we can always cut it short and come home . My main concern is with our cardiac child we can only do about 5 hrs a day by car with mUltiple stops , we need cheapest accommodation as possible our budget is approx $200 au a night for accommodation without taxes an parking . Meals we will go out for every second night, pack lunches and cook meals in our apartment. Breakfast will probably be on the go so fruit and pastry. I know our budget is small but I think with good advice and careful planning we can do it $9000 au for the trip / we are Australians (British husband ) in the UK for 6 mths to travel with the kids hence the Australian dollar. If you have any suggestions advice anything that could help it would be much appreciated, kind regards kristy

Claire Hall - Tin Box Traveller

Thursday 30th of May 2019

Hi Kirsty, it sounds like an awesome trip. I’ve not got experience of travelling with as many kids or as wide an age range so the type of accommodation you’ll be looking for will different to any that I have stayed in. I’m guessing you are all over Airbnb right now. You don’t mention how long your trip is for but you’re looking to cover a lot of ground. I covered half the distance with my husband (no kids then) in four weeks. We were camping so that helped to keep the costs down. Don’t be disappointed if your budget doesn’t stretch so far as your dreams for this trip. Europe isn’t as cheap as it used to be sadly. I’d love to hear how you get on. Please do drop me a line and let me know.


Friday 12th of January 2018

Hi, Claire! I would love to join the Pinterest page. I'm at:

Thank you!


Friday 20th of October 2017

I would like to join the Monday escapes, but can't find when/where the next one starts. Can you help me out?

Claire Hall - Tin Box Traveller

Sunday 22nd of October 2017

Hi Wendy, Monday Escapes happens every fortnight (unless we let you know we're taking a break - usually over the major holidays). Tomorrow you'll find the link up on Extraordinary Chaos' blog but I'll get setting up a link to it here as well.

Nicky Williams

Monday 12th of June 2017

Hi Claire. How do I join the Monday Escapes pinterest board ? I am struggling to figure how to join boards generally. Thanks Nicky

Nicky Williams

Tuesday 6th of June 2017

Hi. I too am a travel blogger but very new to this world. I started ten months ago when we decided to leave 'normal' life behind and travel the world for ten months. Now back at home in Wales and wanting help and advice on growing the site. Passionate about travel and wanting to pass on all the knowledge and advice we have acquired.

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