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Five reasons to try a caravan rally

I bang on about caravan rallies in a lot of my posts. But if you’re new to the Tin Box lifestyle, or even if you’re not, you might be a bit in the dark.

Rallies or ‘meets’ are generally organised by a club or association, such as the Caravan Club, the Camping and Caravan Club or a group connected to a manufacturer, like Lunar. The details of rallies are published in advance and members can plan where they want to go, much like they might any other holiday.

Tin Box Tot sees a tractor out the caravan window
Tin Box Tot is often amazed by the view from the rally field

Here’s five reasons why I think you should give them a go

  1. You get to stay in some interesting and unusual places – we’ve rallied on airfields, in the grounds of stately homes and on farms.
  2. You can build up a network of friends both on and off the rally field – I regularly see friends I made while rallying with my parents more than 20 years ago. Some of them even have their own caravans now just like us.
  3. A rally is a great environment for children – there’s often activities and competitions laid on for them. Every club has rules about not speeding on the rally field, so you know your kids are safe when they are out playing. And there’s nothing better than fresh air to tire them out!
  4. Whether you’re looking to be entertained or just relax, there’s a rally for you – we’ve been on rallies where the whole weekend has revolved around a theme, from cow boys to Christmas. At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also enjoyed rallies where we’ve had the choice to chill out by Tin Box or explore the local area at our leisure.
  5. The caravan rallies we attend are not run to generate a profit – this means they are a cheap, but very cheerful, alternative to staying on commercial sites. The price per night of the rallies we’ve been on this year has ranged from £8 to £10, but this can be as low as £6. So if you’re looking for family fun on a budget, rallying could be for you.
NB. Check with your chosen club or association for their rules on attending rallies, prices and how to book.
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