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5 reasons to give photo gifts this Christmas

5 reasons to give photo gifts this Christmas

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Shhhh! Keep it quiet but we’re giving photo gifts this Christmas and I wanted to share why. 

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It’s peak season for buying presents and the choices can be overwhelming. And then there’s those people who you just don’t know what to buy them without the risk you’ll be wrapping up a dud. 

Photo gifts are my go to solution, and here’s why:

Sustainable gifting 

As a family we’re trying to live a little greener by making small changes all the time. And that’s extending to the gifts we give to our girls and our wider family. 

Calendars, photo books and other photo gifts can be made with FSC certified paper, which means it comes from forests that are sustainability managed.

Green giving feels so much better than adding to the plastic problem.

Gifts for the whole family 

If you’re buying presents for a whole family it can work out pretty expensive trying to figure out what to give everyone individually.

A photo gift can be a shared present that they will all enjoy all year round rather than a novelty they discard after Christmas Day.

Gifting good vibes

Research has shown that looking at photos makes us feel nostalgic, happy and it improves our mood. 

Isn’t that just the best Christmas present to give this year?

I know when I look through our holiday photos it evokes memories of wonderful shared experiences and good times. And having these dotted around our house rather than locked in my iPhone is the very best way to enjoy them.

A stylish home accessory

I’m not a fan of photo cushions and I know some interior designers who would shudder at the thought of receiving one on Christmas Day. But there are a huge number of options when it comes to photo gifts and many are super stylish. 

Photo books are great addition to your coffee table and my personal favourite, photo tiles and wall art, can be combined and styled to suit any space.

Something unique 

Who wants to receive a carbon copy of that faddy thing hundreds of thousands of people around the country are receiving on Christmas morning? 

Photo gifts give you the chance to share something unique; capturing personalised memories that are already treasured. It’s the foolproof way to ensure your present will be a hit.

What do you think? Will you be giving photo gifts this Christmas?

Disclosure: this is an advertorial feature with Bonusprint.

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Jesper, The Biveros Effect

Tuesday 21st of December 2021

I really like the possibility to use my own photos both as gifts and for myself. Either if it is a calendar for my grandparents with photos of their great-grandkids or a picture for the wall at home. There is also a service here in Sweden at least to use your photos as postcards. They are printed and sent directly be the postal service, which makes it really easy to send more personalized cards :)

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