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bite away®: a natural insect bite treatment for families with sensitive skin

If you are looking for a natural insect bite treatment then we have been introduced to a clever and chemical-free option that we want to share with you: bite away®.

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If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a natural insect bite treatment then take a look at this clever option for relieving itches and swelling. The bite away is a device that uses heat to treat bites and stings. Find out more in my post #travel #firstaid #family #bite #sting #TinBoxTraveller

Both Tin Box Baby and myself have eczema prone, sensitive skin. So I try to opt for chemical-free creams and lotions when we can. But it can be difficult to replace everything in your travel first aid kit with convenient natural remedies.

For example, when you are on a walk or camping, carrying toxin-free treatments for insect bites, like milk, ice and baking soda, is not practical. And easy to dispense insect bite creams inevitably contain chemicals. 

bite away® is a chemical-free, medical device that can treat the symptoms of itching, pain and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. This makes it ideal for families with sensitive skin. 

bite away natural insect bite treatment device being held in hand

This natural insect bite treatment is also portable. You could add it to a travel first aid kit or pop it in your bag when you are out and about.

Black bag with sun glasses, bite away and keys falling out

How does the bite away® work?

bite away® is a pen-like device with a small ceramic disk at the top that you place on the bite. At the press of a button it reduces the symptoms of the bite by using a short, concentrated burst of heat (51°C) to relieve the pain and itchiness.

bite away box

Here’s the science…

The bite away® decreases itching by targeting the body’s pain receptors and giving the cells around the bite a heat shock. This decreases your body’s release of histamine and other inflammatory reactions when you get an insect bite, so swelling is reduced. Essentially, the heat transfer triggers a pain and itch-relieving reaction in the small area of skin where it has been applied.

You can use bite away® on bites from mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets, horseflies and other biting insects that you might find in a camping field, by a lake or on a country walk.

A study has proven that the symptoms ease within two minutes of using this natural insect bite treatment.

Children running down country lane in South Devon

How do you use this chemical-free bite remedy?

It’s really simple. You put the end of the bite away® on the bite, making sure you’ve removed the barb of the sting if there is one. 

There are two turquoise buttons: one that treats the bite for three seconds; and another that treats the bite for six seconds . There’s a clock symbol on each to show you the difference in the treatment time.

Close up of bite away device buttons

I’d recommend starting with the three second treatment, especially with children, as 51°C is noticeably hot even for a short while.

An adult should apply the bite away® for young children. Keep it out of reach when it is not being used.

The treatment doesn’t start as soon as you push the button. This is because the ceramic disk needs a few seconds to heat up (like ceramic hair straighteners).

Close up of bite away being used on hand

Once the treatment begins a green LED lights up above the buttons and there’s a ‘beep’. The light goes off and the beep sounds again at the end of the three or six second treatment.

It is important to leave at least two minutes between each use. Do not exceed five applications per hour on the same skin area.

Are there side affects from this natural insect bite treatment?

After testing bite away® on my own hand I could see a slight reddening of the skin. But this faded after a few minutes. 

Redness circled on hand
Red area after using the bite away®

With international travel off the cards in 2020 we spent the summer camping. Inevitably, the bugs were out in force and we had the chance to test our bite away®.

When used on nuance bites it definitely has a calming effect, easing the itchiness for a short period of time. When the itchiness returned later on, I reapplied the bite away® rather than scratching, meaning the bite cleared up much quicker.

It’s now become a permanent addition to our travel first aid kit list.

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Why buy a bite away®?

bite away® costs £26.99 on Amazon, which is significantly more than an insect bite cream. But there is extra value in it:

  • Creams have a use by date. bite away® can be used hundreds of times by different people
  • It’s not greasy like bite creams
  • Clinical evidence has shown it effectively treats the symptoms of insect bites and stings. 
  • bite away® is portable, ideal for the first aid kit, hiking and travel
  • bite away® is dermatologically tested, chemical-free and non-toxic.
  • It is suitable for pregnant women, allergy sufferers and children*.

*Under 12s need help using the bite away®

Buy this chemical-free insect bite remedy on Amazon.

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If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a natural insect bite treatment then take a look at this clever option for relieving itches and swelling. The bite away is a device that uses heat to treat bites and stings. Find out more in my post #travel #firstaid #family #bite #sting #TinBoxTraveller