Tin Box girls on a carousel horse - glamping at Crealy Meadows in Devon
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Tin Box Traveller Diaries: September 2016

I get post-holiday blues badly and after the summer it seems even worse.  In September, we eked out every last moment of the UK holiday season. We continued a bit of the vacation vibe that we enjoyed in August by spending a week away from home but working from Tin Box.

Sadly the real world caught up with us mid-September. Thankfully the holidays made a resurgence at the end of the month with a trip to Cornwall. More on that another time. In the meantime, here’s what we got up to in September:

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  • September began with our first ever glamping experience. We were invited to review a safari tent at Crealy Meadows in East Devon, which is part of the Crealy Adventure Park & Resort. I also did a vlog about our weekend.
  • We left Crealy and headed straight to Hampshire where we parked Tin Box at a Caravan Club CL for the week. Mr Tin Box and I went to work for a few days, while the Tin Box girls enjoyed lots of quality time with their grandparents and cousins.
  • I made a flying visit to London in the middle of September for the MAD Blog Awards with Tots100. I had a wonderful, if not super-short, stay at the five star Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington.


  • It wasn’t until the second week in September that we actually spent any time at home. From then we were catching up with our friends and neighbours for lots of play dates on the days I wasn’t working.
  • On the days I was working I was able to get away from my desk and travel around the  area to a few networking events, including one in Brixham where I snapped the lovely shot above from Berry Head Hotel. You’d hardly believe it was taken in the UK.
  • By the third week, Mr Tin Box resumed his regular work trips up to the Breacon Beacons in Wales. He noticed a definite change in the weather so his pleasant walks through the mountains are soon going to become a lot wetter and chillier.


  • We had a great time at Crealy Adventure Park while we were there glamping. The girls were able to go on a lot more rides than we expected and there was still lots to do when it started to rain. We’ll definitely be back.
  • While we were in Hampshire we had time to meet up with friends for days out at Stansted House in West Sussex, Hill Head and Chichester.
  • Back in Devon, we went hunting for rhinos in Paignton via the Dartmouth Steam Railway. This was a brilliant adventure for the girls as it involved a boat trip across the River Dart, a ride on a steam train and exploring our local area on foot.

You can see pictures from all our adventures at a glance on my Instagram account.


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