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Festival essentials – what to pack for this summer’s festivals

Festival essentials – what to pack for this summer’s festivals

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Festival-bound this summer? Use this checklist of festival essentials to pack the right stuff whether you’re camping or have a day ticket.

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What to pack for a day at a festival

If you’re got a day ticket (or are giving camping a miss and sneaking off to a local hotel) you should still come prepared.

Here’s my festival essentials for day ticket holders:

A festival bag

Leave no trace festival bag

Here’s a really smart idea from the Paper Bag Co – an eco-friendly festival bag. The Leave No Trace Festival Bag includes:

  • a 100% GOTS organic cotton t-shirt
  • foldable wheat cup
  • a concealed pocket for vauables
  • a wash bag with bamboo face wipes, body wash and beeswax ear plugs, toothpaste tablets and a bamboo toothbrush
  • a cornstarch poncho
  • biodegradable glitter
  • and loo roll.

The bag retails at £39.99 including P&P.

The bag itself is made of paper and fabric so won’t last forever, especially in extreme festival conditions. But it would make a nice gift for someone attending their first festival.

Things to add to your festival bag

Here’s some more things to stash in your festival day bag:

What to wear at a festival

Claire and Mr Tin Box taking selfie in front of Travelling Feast stage

Pretty much anything goes at a festival – dress down, dress up but most of all dress practical, particularly for festivals in the UK.

As well as bringing as many pairs of pants, socks, tops and bottoms as you’re going to need, here’s some extra items of clothing you should pack for a festival:

  • a hat
  • comfy shoes
  • welly boots
  • a rain coat or Dryrobe.

Don’t forget to check if there’s a theme or fancy dress.

Festival camping essentials

Awning with lights overlooking festival campsite at night

Here’s our list of essential festival camping equipment – make sure you don’t leave home without these!

Sleeping gear for festival camping

Here’s basic kits that you’ll need for sleeping in a tent:

Check out my caravan packing list and camper van packing list for alternative sleeping gear.

Luxuries to pack for festival camping

If you don’t mind filling your car with camping equipment, here’s some extras you might like to add to your festival checklist for comfort and convenience:

What to pack in your wash bag

Let’s face it, washing isn’t going to be a priority for you. But here’s a few festival essentials to add to your wash bag:

  • biodegradable wet wipes
  • deodorant – not aerosol as it will damage your tent and make it less waterproof!!
  • dry shampoo – use it outside
  • hair brush
  • ear plugs
  • sanitary products
  • tooth brush and paste
  • toilet roll
  • biodegradable glitter

Camping food

Buying food in festivals can get really expensive, so make sure you bring a few meals with you and plenty of snacks. Here’s some ideas for camping meals.

Here’s some other food and drink to have at your tent to save you pennies:

  • alcohol – a frozen bag of wine will save you money and help to keep you cool box icy
  • Robinsons mini squash drops*
  • crisps, nuts and fruit
  • a bag of brioche for breakfasts
  • tea and coffee
  • long life milk.

What else would you add to this list of festival essentials?

More camping tips

Here’s some more camping tips and advice:

Disclosure: this post contains items we have been sent as gifts and affiliate links. If you click on a link marked with * and make a purchase I may earn some commission. This does not affect the price you pay.

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