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Advantages of booking a luxury cabin on your next cruise

Advantages of booking a luxury cabin on your next cruise

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A cruise is a luxurious experience however you choose to travel. Even the most basic cabin or lucky last-minute offer will take you on an exciting, magical journey to gorgeous exotic destinations on your high seas voyage.

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But if you love the finer things in life and want to experience something genuinely extra-special, you might like to consider booking a luxury cabin on your next cruise.

A luxury cabin takes your cruise experience to the next level and makes your vacation truly unforgettable.

To fire up your imagination and get your pulse racing, here are some of the main advantages of booking a luxury cabin on your next cruise.

Priority boarding

One of the unexpected perks of booking a luxury cabin is the chance to board earlier, with shorter lines, and far less hassle than with a regular cabin. This is a great way to start your vacation, with none of the stress or challenges that sometimes await before you get on board.

Plus you get some added time to get your bearings and explore the ship before the rest of the passengers arrive!

Some cruise lines even offer exclusive lounges for VIP guests, with drinks, snacks, and other amenities.

A bigger room

The most obvious advantage of a luxury cabin is space. Suites and luxury cabins tend to have far more space in almost every area, from living areas, closet space, bathrooms, and even on some ships private dining areas!

So if you need a little more room to store your hiking sandals or like extra living space so you can relax in comfort and style, this is a particularly pleasing perk.

Luxury touches

Luxury cabins also come with, surprise, luxury touches! These will obviously differ from ship to ship and cruise line to cruise line, but they include everything from upgraded toiletries, softer bathrobes, complimentary alcoholic beverages, and even pianos and private jacuzzis!

So you can really luxuriate as you explore the world in pure opulence and decadence. 

Private balcony

One of the best things a luxury cabin offers is your very own private terrace or balcony.

This adds such a special touch to your cruise experience, adding gorgeous views and refreshing sea breezes to your day-to-day experience.

Luxury cabins tend to be better-located as well, usually situated right at the front, or right at the back of the ship, as well as at the equilibrium point. Not only does this offer you unparalleled views, but reduces the effects of choppy waters – a huge benefit for anyone who suffers from seasickness. 

Butler service

This one is a real treat. Some luxury cabins come complete with personal butler service, meaning you are literally waited on hand and foot!

This kind of pampering has to be experienced to be believed, but it is an out-of-this-world perk.

Private butlers are on call 24 hours a day and can take care of almost everything, from unpacking your luggage to serving private meals in your very own dining space.

Your butler service essentially takes care of all the small friction points that come with travel of any sort, meaning your vacation is as smooth and enjoyable as it can possibly be. 

Special events and all-access

Luxury passengers are usually invited to exclusive events, like private shows, cocktail parties, or dinner with the captain, as well as having access to various exclusive VIP areas on the ship.

These might include private swimming pools, day spas, and even fine dining restaurants that are unavailable to regular passengers. 

A luxury cabin gives you access to a whole new level of luxury on board your chosen cruise, and is an experience that all cruise lovers should try at least once!

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