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Planning to travel abroad with a toddler

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Baby passport photos are always hilarious, and Tin Box Tot’s is no exception.

Tin Box Tot passport photo

We recently applied for her first passport as we are flying to Sweden for a wedding in August.

I was dreading taking TBT to have her photos done at our local London Camera Exchange shop. I had visions of her wriggling for hours before we could capture anything that would pass muster with the officals at HM Passport Service. To be honest, I had been putting it off for this very reason.

I needn’t have worried. The camera boffin put a white sheet on the floor, grabbed his SLR and asked me to lay TBT down. Snap, and it was done in one shot. What a relief.

I’m now starting to realise that applying for the passport should have been the least of my worries.
We’re going to be away for five nights. Usually I’d have the luxury of packing spare clothes for TBT and things that I may or may not like to wear in Tin Box’s various lockers. Mr Tin Box might not even notice that the ladies of the household had transferred the entire contents of their wardrobes into the caravan ‘just in case’.

That’s not to mention the toys, snacks and pushchair. It all fits, sometimes very snugly, into the caravan or car. No problem.
Leaving Tin Box at home means I am going to have to streamline my packing – big time! With two months to go until our first trip abroad with a toddler, I think I need to start planning.
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Sharing is caring!

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