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Red Paddle Co review: Ride 10’6″ and 10’8″ stand up paddle boards

Red Paddle Co review: Ride 10’6″ and 10’8″ stand up paddle boards

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If you’re looking for a stand up paddle board that you can use with kids then you’re probably shopping around for recommendations. I know we did before buying our own SUPs. Read on for our Red Paddle Co review of two of these premium inflatable paddle boards.

Red Paddle Co review

We were offered the chance to try out a couple of Red Paddle Co inflatable boards for a period of six weeks. During that time we enjoyed fun days out at the beach in the South West and went on our own mini adventure down the River Dart in Devon.

Stand up paddle boarding is great fun and it’s a water sport that you can do with young kids.

There’s some highlights from our SUP adventures in the video below or you can read about the things we’ve learnt about paddle boarding with kids.

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What are inflatable stand up paddle boards?

When you hear the term ‘inflatable’ it conjures up images of a traditional lilo or a novelty pool toy. Certainly not something you can stand on. But the modern inflatable paddle board is anything but.

The boards we used are inflated to more than 15 PSI and once blown up you would hardly know the difference between a solid board and the inflatable – it really was amazing.

The materials used in the Red Paddle boards are super high quality and the technology that makes the boards so ridged is really impressive.

The boards feel incredibly robust and capable of taking on waves, rocks, children and pets.

Where are Red Paddle Co boards made?

Inflatable stand up paddle boards by car

Red Paddle Co boards are made in South Devon. In fact they’re just down the road from us, which makes absolute sense as the coast here is the perfect place to use them!

Our experience with this Red paddle boards

Red Paddle Co SUP rucksack

The 10’6″ Ride and a 10’8″ Ride boards we tried fitted in perfectly with travelling and family life. Board, paddle and pump all pack down into a large rucksack with room left over for a towel and wetsuit.

We had a Kia Sorento at the time and could fit two bags in the boot along with wet suits, buoyancy aids for the kids, general beach gear and Tin Box Dog.

They even came with us on our caravan holiday in Wales.

Find out what else you need for paddle boarding.

You can use the bag as a rucksack over sand or rough terrain or use the built in wheels on firmer surfaces. Storage, transport and getting to the beach itself are so easy with an inflatable.

About the Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6”

Kneeling on inflatable stand up paddle board on sea

The 10’6″ Ride* is billed as ‘the Swiss Army Knife of paddle boards – it works for anyone’.

This is because it is wide enough to give novice paddle boarders stability while maintaining manoeuvrability for those who have more experience.

Both Mr Tin Box and I enjoyed using this board solo. When it came to riding with the kids I took the girls on this one while Mr Tin Box moved up to the 10’8″ to allow for the extra load of a child at his feet.

Here’s what you need to know about the 10’6” Ride from Red Paddle Co:

  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 32″/812mm
  • Thickness: 4.7″/120mm
  • Volume: 240 litres
  • Rider weight: Up to 100kgs/220lbs
  • Board weight: 9.9 kg / 21.78 lb

This board is sold as as a package with a board bag, Titan 2 pump, coiled leash repair kit, your choice of two paddles, and board fins.

Find out more and check the 10’6″ Ride package RRP on the Red website*.

About Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8” 

Red Paddle Co 10'8" Ride paddle board

This board is billed as being ‘better for bigger riders and great for taking passengers’. I was definably more happy riding the 10’8” with the kids onboard. It was easier to keep control when they moved around.

Here’s what you need to know about the 10’8” Ride* from Red Paddle Co:

  • Length: 10’8″
  • Width: 34”/863mm
  • Thickness: 4.7″/120mm
  • Volume: 270 litres
  • Rider weight: up to 120kg/265 lb
  • Board weight: 10.5 kg/23.1 lb

This board is also sold as as a package with a board bag, Titan 2 pump, coiled leash repair kit, your choice of two paddles, and board fins.

Find out more and check the Ride 10’8″ package RRP on the Red website*.

Other Red Paddle Co paddle board features

Bungee cago system

Both boards come with a bungee cargo system at the front which is handy for holding dry bags and another small items you want to transport with you.

There are seven D rings, an elastic cord and a mount for a device like a GoPro.

Deck pad

Red paddle boards have a long deck pad that is a no slip surface on the top of the board.

How big are they when deflated and packed away?

When deflated, both the 10’6″ Ride and a 10’8″ Ride boards packed away into the rucksack measuring 96cm high by 39cm wide by 36cm deep.

Without the bag they take up less space but might unroll while being transported. The bag is also handy for storing a pump and paddle.

How easy is it to pump up inflatable paddle boards?

The pay back for the portability of an inflatable paddle board is having to blow up it up. However, the excellent Titan Pump we had provided with our boards made this super easy.

The Titan Pump is exclusive to Red Paddle Co. It is the first pump of its kind to have two chambers to quickly fill the board, and then a clever system to reduce to one chamber to get the higher pressure into the board at the end.

You can also get an electric pump but this means inflating the board close to a power supply (like the car) and seems to take longer. 

We spotted other paddle boarders using them in the beach car park and had inflated two boards before they had finished with one!

Adjustable paddles

Red Paddle Co paddles are adjustable to suit the height of the paddler.  It’s worth having a look at their video guides to get tips on what length the paddle should be and how it should be used.  

There is a correct way round to hold the paddle which is quite counter intuitive until you get on the board.

Are Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards for families?

Tin Box Baby sat on paddle board while family paddle on the sea

We had a Ride 10’6″ and a Ride 10’8″ board to try. As beginners, both felt stable and easily took the weight of Mr TB (100kg but don’t let him know I told you) and our six-year-old.

They certainly did everything we needed them to as a family trying out SUP.

The smaller board would be ideal for Tot in a few years when she can ride solo, and the larger board would be good for taking a passenger for several years.

The Red Paddle Co range* has various sizes and shapes of board to choose from, so if you are not sure which to go for, check out a local dealer or give them a call direct. 

We know the girls will soon want their own. Their independent streak began to rear its head as the girls gained confidence. Whilst I wouldn’t be comfortable for them to go any distance solo yet it certainly won’t be long. 

Smaller sized boards are available for the kids.

Find out our safety tips for paddle boarding as a family.

Verdict on Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards 

We loved out first dip into the world of SUP and would recommend Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards if you are looking for a premium brand with plenty of credibility in the sport.

Most Red Paddle Co boards come in a package including board, pump, bag and the all important leash to make sure the board stays close by if/when, you fall off.

They even also give you a choice of paddles depending on your needs. This is a much more cost effective way of buying your board than buying all the parts separately.

However, they aren’t the cheapest.

Other SUP options

When it came to buying our own paddle boards we did a lot of research and opted for mid-range paddle boards. We have found these to be just as stable and great quality.

Claire paddle boarding in Mystic Diva wetsuit

There are plenty of boards at the lower end of the SUP price range* too. These are a good place to start if you are not sure if paddle boarding is for you and don’t want to make a big investment.

However, the quality of the materials and how the board sits in the water will vary. If you can visit a water sports shop and see a set of boards inflated and compare prices it will help in your search for the best SUP for you.

If you’d we’ve whetted your appetite for family water sports find out more by reading our tips for paddle boarding with kids, what to wear while paddle boarding and tips for paddle boarding in winter.

Have you tried paddle boarding with kids?

Disclosure: we borrowed boards from Red Paddle Co to try out paddle boarding. We did not keep the boards and were not paid to write about them. This post contains affiliate links marked with *. If you click on one and make a purchase I may earn some commission. This does not affect the price you pay.

Tot and Mr Tin Box standing with a 10'8" Ride inflatable stand up paddle board

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Tyler Hill

Monday 16th of September 2019

Paddle boards are part of my family trip. Will try Red Paddle Co Ride too. Hopefully it will add more enjoyment to my kids.

Anne Kepner

Monday 9th of September 2019

Bought this board largely on the info from this website. The 10’6 Ride is smooth and easy to maneuver. It’s better than a solid board I have. In addition, the durability video on the Redpaddleco website helped convince me this was the board to get.

Skateboard Backpack

Monday 9th of September 2019

Thanks for this great article. I am going to buy a Red Paddle Co Ride :)

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