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#TravelTimehop series edition #5 with Wave to Mummy

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Since turning Travel Timehop into a guest post series my inbox has been packed full of little travel treats from other bloggers. I’m in awe of the places they’ve been and the experiences they’ve written to tell me about.

Today’s Travel Timehop from Sanna at Wave to Mummy is one of those moments that would have had me pinching myself to see if it was real. Enjoy!

When are we time-hopping to?

The picture was taken in the summer of 2008.

Where in the world?

Bwindi National Park, Uganda.

Wave to Mummy’s Travel Timehop moment

This was my second time seeing mountain gorillas live. The first time was in Rwanda a few weeks before this picture. I went hiking near Diane Fossey’s old stomping grounds, and got to see some of “her” gorillas in the forests. I had stayed in Uganda for a couple of months and I was a bit dubious about the whole gorilla tracking experience, as it was very expensive. As I remember it, it cost about one months rent in London! But once I got to see them in Rwanda, I was so captivated I decided I must must must see them before I go back to UK. I managed to bug the permit office long enough for them to find me one extra place for the next weekend. Apparently I was very lucky as the permits are often booked a year in advance!

Out of all of my travel experiences this has got to be one of the most magical. After a long and arduous trek through the forest we were suddenly surrounded by gorillas. They were moving around us, between the trees, and the big silverback was quietly observing our every move.

I was just taking pictures of one of them (youngish female called Wakaba) when she started running towards me. She passed about an inch next to me and had I extended my hand down my side I would have touched her back. I was told that she was a particularly mischevious one and liked to spook people off! That’s Wabaka by the way, behind me in the picture, a few seconds before she decided to spook me 🙂

And that’s the story of my travel timehop!

Wow! What an amazing experience and obviously worth the persistence with the permit office. Thank so much for sharing this Sanna. Follow the rest of Sanna’s adventures on her blog and give her some love on social media: TwitterInstagram,  FacebookPinterest, and Bloglovin’.

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Wave to Mummy tracking gorillas in Uganda


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