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5 reasons to learn a language online

5 reasons to learn a language online

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Before the summer I started a new learning journey with Rosetta Stone. I’m now getting to grips with the basics of the French language thanks to their online learning platform. Here’s a reminder about how my first week went. Read on for a discount code to learn a language online and enter my Rosetta Stone competition.

Over the summer I took a bit of a break from learning while we headed off on our UK road trip. In fact, it’s taken me a few weeks to pick up my online language studies again.

And that’s OK! The great thing about online language courses with Rosetta Stone is that you can do them at your own pace. Let me explain more and why learning a language online is the best approach for me:

Rosetta Stone lessons screen on mobile

1. Life is busy

One of the major selling points of online learning for me is that I can fit it in around other things without the need to be in a certain place at a certain time. I work part-time, have children in a separate school and nursery, and look after this blog. Sometimes I even do house work! Add to that the fact Mr Tin Box often works away and the logistics of attending a regular college class would be impossible to manage.

2. Bite-sized is best

Rosetta Stone’s lessons take between five minutes and half an hour to complete. So I can dip in whenever I have some spare time. It also feels very rewarding to see the lessons ticked off on my screen and feel I’m making steady progress.

3. Immersive learning works

When I learnt languages at school there was always a translation. It might as well have been a ‘get out of jail free card’ as it didn’t help me retain words and phrases as I was constantly thinking in two languages. Rosetta Stone’s method of immersive learning throws you in at the deep end and helps you to learn a new language in the same way you learnt your native tongue when you were a child. There are no translations, you simply connect images to words and sounds. And it works!

4. It’s fun

As well as the immersive lessons, I can play memory and word games in the Extended Learning area. This helps me apply my learning in a fun way.

5. Live tutor support

While much of the course is done though independent learning I can arrange to speak to a tutor live online. This is what Rosetta Stone call ‘blended learning’, combining both online lessons and live tutor sessions. It allows you to practice your skills with native speakers and become confident in using your new language.

You can access live tutoring and set up sessions at a time to suit you. This feature becomes available only once you have completed a certain number of online lessons. This is important as the live tutor sessions are all in the language you are learning. I can’t wait to schedule my first live tutoring session. It seems like a great way to practice my French skills.

Disclosure: this giveaway and blog post are a collaboration with Rosetta Stone.

Sharing is caring!

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Anneka Avery

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

Turkish for me it's such a beautiful country and I'm keen to be able to speak it fluently

Marco Pellegrino

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

My wife is Swedish. Learning Swedish it's been so hard until now. This may help

Stevie Fairbairn

Monday 2nd of October 2017

I started very basic Norwegian course before and would like to catch up. I found that there's many words that relate to Scotland.

paula cheadle

Monday 2nd of October 2017

love to learn basic Italian as my grandson lives in Italy

Kayleigh Robinson

Sunday 1st of October 2017

I'd love to learn Spanish! Learning a new language would be fascinating!

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