A memory from Jo Jacks Travels road trip through Jordan as shared with Tin Box Traveller's Travel Timehop series
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#TravelTimehop series edition #15 – Jo Jacks Travel

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Welcome to another Travel Timehop where I share moments from memorable trips. Throughout 2016 I’m inviting fellow bloggers to tell me about their favourite adventures. This week it’s the turn of Jo at Jo Jack’s Travel.

Jo’s travel philosophy flies in the face of people who say there’s no point in going places with kids because they won’t remember. She says: “They probably won’t remember. But they will learn.” I know I learnt a lot from my travels in the UK, Europe and beyond as a child!

Jo is an expat living in the Middle East with her family of five. Here’s her Travel Timehop with a story of the kindness of strangers.

When are we time-hopping to?

October, 2014.

Where in the world?

Jordan – specifically a scenic overlook in Jordan somewhere between Mt. Nebo and Petra.

Jo Jacks Travel’s timehop moment

Our family had recently moved to the Middle East as expats.  I now had 3 boys – ages 4, 1.5, and 4 months.  This was our first big family trip in the region and as a family of five.  We were nervous about security on the trip because of the wars and terrorism in nearby Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

We knew that Jordan is a dry country and that conserving water is very important to the country.  That was especially apparent during the long drive from Mt. Nebo to Petra where we passed barren brown landscapes.  At one point we were at the top of a valley with water at the bottom.  It was so nice to see some blue after all that dust and sand.  We pulled over at the scenic overlook and we all got out to stretch our legs.  Soon, though, our family became one of the attractions.  Many kind Jordanians and other tourists came over to meet our children, pinching their cheeks and offering them sweets, posing with them in photos.

One couple in particular seemed smitten with my fair-haired middle child.  The couple were in a decorated car and had just been married and were driving off on a honeymoon.  As they started to drive away, waving goodbye, they reversed quickly and screeched to a stop in front of us.  The wife jumped out of the car, handed me a box, then jumped back in, and sped off.  Inside the box were two dozen homemade cookies.

These unexpected gestures of friendship happened throughout our trip.  The hospitality of the Jordanian people was phenomenal.  Never have a I felt so welcomed or my children been so cherished.

Thanks so much to Jo for sharing this wonderful moment from her travels.  If you’d like to read more about Jo’s adventures visit the blog, or follow Jo Jacks Travel on Twitter and Facebook.

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Jo from Jo Jacks Travel shares a story of the kindness of strangers in during her trip to Jordan. This is part of the Travel Timehop series with Tin Box Traveller

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