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Travel Timehop #29: Tin Box Baby’s first trip

You’ll have to forgive me for focusing this week’s Travel Timehop on more of a mummy moment than the destination. There were never any hard rules for this weekly feature anyway…so there!


When are we time-hopping to?

It was May this year and Tin Box Baby’s very first trip out in the caravan at just 14 days old.

Where in the world

We were staying in a caravan rally field not far from Bishops Waltham in Hampshire. Strangely enough it was the same place we stayed on the weekend we found out I was expecting TBB eight months earlier.

Timehop moment

The initial haze of child birth was just about melting away and I was able to appreciate a few quiet moments like this when TBB was sleeping peacefully on our Tin Box bed.
Some people might think us mad for going on a trip so soon after she had arrived but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being away from home and the chores that you feel you have to do (even though everyone tells you not to) was a relief.
On a less blissful note, I was also in the middle of a mega feeding mission as TBB hadn’t regained her birth weight. The midwife recommended cycle of feeding, offering a bottle of expressed milk, expressing again and then starting over was exhausting. We were away with both sets of grandparents. So there were plenty of people to play with Tin Box Tot and I was able get on with what I had to do toddler free, yet with lots of people to chat to when I needed a baby break as well.

When would you travel with a newborn? Have you? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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