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MAD Blog Awards – I’m a family travel finalist

So, something crazy has happened. About a month ago I wrote about who I would like to see in the finals of the MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards if I was a judge. Today I find myself actually in the finals and in the top six family travel blogs in the UK.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who read my last MADs post, accepted it was a thinly veiled plea for a nomination, gave me the benefit of the doubt, and actually completed the form. You have made my blogging year.

Thank you to my family and friends who also nominated me. And for putting up with this funny online stuff that I do when I should probably be listening to what you are saying or making you a cuppa. Your support is truly appreciated.

Thank you to the long suffering Mr Tin Box who rolls his eyes when I get wound up about something ridiculous, like why has my Tots100 score gone up or down for no apparent reason? You are my levelling block (caravan humour).

And thank you to my girls for all the cuddles, even if they do result in the transfer of stomach bugs, colds and other nasties. Mummy loves you regardless of all the snot!

Thank you!

Why vote for me?

To be honest, I already feel like a winner. When I decided to put my hat into the MADs best family travel blog ring it was because someone tweeted me to say they had already nominated me…and it wasn’t my mum! At that point I thought ‘what the heck, wouldn’t it be great to be a finalist?’. And here I am.

I can’t pretend to be as good as the other finalists – really I can’t. It’s their blogs that I go to for inspiration and tips because we are at the very start of our family travel journey. Travelling with a three and a one-year-old is daunting stuff – you need all the tried and tested advice you can get.

That’s why I love being part of the family travel blogger community. Everyone is willing to give you their tips and time. I’d like to thank my fellow finalists for that.

So why do I deserve your vote? I’m not sure I can answer that. But if you like what you’ve read on my blog I would be so grateful for your support.

So what happens next?

Voting is open until Friday 29 May. You can check out the other finalists here. Also in the final of the family travel category are Five Adventurers, Globetotting, Milton Keynes Kids, Mini Travellers and My Travel Monkey. They are all worthy finalists and I’d like to wish them all the best of luck. I couldn’t pick between them!

Over to you!!

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