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25 family activities for the summer – the Xplore Challenge

Earlier this month I heard about the Meeks – a family of four who have been set the challenge to take 20 caravan holidays in 20 weeks. During their travels they will be completing a bumper list of outdoor activities.

Note pace with to do written on it

The Xplore Challenge, which has been organised by The Caravan Club and caravan manufacturer Elddis, is a continuation of a task the Meeks set themselves last year. Tim and Kerry Meek wanted to reduce the amount of television their daughters Amy and Ella were watching so set them a list of 100 outdoor activities to complete over the summer.
Activities such as kayaking, finding a waterfall, red squirrel spotting, foraging for a meal and spending a night in a hammock were on the list. By October the girls had completed all 100 challenges and only watched a maximum of three hours TV a week.
This year they are doing it again, but in a caravan. They have never been on a caravan holiday before but will be travelling up and down the country with a new list of 100 activities to try out.

Caravan Club members have been asked to help compile the Meek’s challenge list, so I thought I would share 25 activities that I think the family should try:

  1. Build your own model caravan/motorhome out of recyclable rubbish 
  2. Collect bark rubbings at each site where you stay and record the type of tree it came from
  3. Paint boiled eggs
  4. Create a collage of your site using just foliage
  5. Make a domino run from inside your caravan/motorhome to outside
  6. Write a weekend diary from the perspective of your dog 
  7. Find a caravanning related word for each letter of the alphabet
  8. Make necklaces out of twigs, flowers and leaves
  9. Make a wind chime out of shells and hang it on your awning
  10. Design World Cup inspired bunting to decorate your caravan/motorhome
  11. Have a competition to build the highest house of cards
  12. Wrap up and go puddle jumping on a wet day
  13. Using just four sheets of A4 paper (no glue, sticky tape or paper clips), see who can build the highest tower
  14. Knit a pair of woolly socks to pack in you caravan/motorhome for when it gets cooler
  15. Make an outfit out of old magazines and newspapers
  16. Take 12 photos for a 2015 caravanning calendar
  17. Make a sand angel
  18. Fill your neighbours’ water barrels in aid of charity
  19. Collect five items in a feely bag and challenge your family to guess what they are
  20. Blow bubbles
  21. Design a poster to promote your favourite place to stay in your caravan/motorhome
  22. Choreograph a dance to your favourite song
  23. Make friendship bracelets
  24. Create a ‘welcome to our caravan/motorhome’ sign
  25. Play ball with your dog

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