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Where next? 5 ways to get some travel inspiration

Where next? 5 ways to get some travel inspiration

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It’s that time of year again – time to start planning your next vacation. But, where to begin? There’s nothing like scrolling through social media or reading travel blogs to get some travel inspiration and you in that adventurous mood.

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With white sandy beaches, mouth-watering food, spectacular scenery and new cultures, the options are seemingly endless, which makes it hard to decide where to go next.

So, to help you out, we have put together five different ways to get some travel inspiration so you can be sure to pick a brilliant destination…

1. Who says you have to go somewhere new?

Revisit a childhood holiday. Go back to your first holiday as a couple or a meaningful destination from your backpacking days.

Whether you travel solo or with others, it can be the ultimate throwback for you and can bring back some of your most special memories.

2. Film locations

Start searching for famous movie locations for your next holiday.

Pop culture has always had the power to influence people into making their next move no matter what that may be, which makes for great holiday inspiration.

Movies show many beautiful destinations from across the world, whether it be an exotic beach, a major city or some breathtaking landscapes – the film industry shows it all.

3. Social media

Social media is where many of us find our travel inspiration.

Those travelling no longer rely on guidebooks compiled by experts, but instead through the internet, with websites such as Buzzfeed guides, Tripadvisor reviews and influencers’ Instagram accounts showcasing the most incredible destinations.

This is the future of relevant holiday tips and information, and it’s changing the way travellers approach planning a trip.

4. Pick up a book

Travel books can inspire the wanderer within you and have you planning holidays left, right and centre.

The best books will sweep you off your feet to a land that is far away and will motivate you to get off the sofa, pack your bag and set off on your own journey of a lifetime.

5. Word of mouth

Ask friends and family where they like travelling to and see what they have to recommend. This could be a good, honest way to find the best accommodation, good bars, restaurants, beaches and even the places to avoid. Perhaps they’ll be willing to lend you their maps or travel guides?

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you and help you choose your next vacation destination. When you’ve chosen your preferred destination it’s time to get booking and keeping your eyes peeled for good deals on hotels, flight and activities.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post. 

Sharing is caring!

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