If I was a 2016 MAD Blog Awards judge
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If I was a 2016 MAD Blog Awards judge…

First of all I don’t think I could be a 2016 MAD Blog Awards blog judge – imagine the pressure!

It’s not just that there are an infinite number of Mums and Dads (MADs) out there crafting some amazing posts on eye-wateringly beautiful websites. They are also doing it at the same time as bringing up their kids and the day job; whether that’s looking after their family full-time (I salute you) or being employed elsewhere. Blogging is not something you do for the heck of it – it’s a passion. How do you judge that?

Setting that aside, I would like to highlight the six bloggers I think should be in the final of the 2016 MAD Blog Awards Best Family Travel Blog category. They rock, and if you haven’t already decided where to cast your vote in this category please check them out.

Five Adventurers – I love Nisbah’s mix of holidays and days out, which must be organised with military precision as they often involve her extended family. Her and her daughter’s entry to the Mark Warner ambassador programme left me in awe of their creativity.

MummyTravels – Cathy is one of the first family travel bloggers I came across when I set up Tin Box Traveller. She has a great writing style that can transport you from a cold and wintry UK to the balmy Caribbean in the space of a few paragraphs. My mind boggles at the number of stamps that must be in her passport.

My Travel Monkey – Ting is another writer who’s posts I adore, especially when she gets on to the subject of food. I always have to run to there fridge after reading them! She was also one of the first bloggers to contact me about guest posting on her blog. I remember feeling thrilled that someone other than my parents had read my blog.

The Helpful Hiker – Lauren’s blog is packed full of tips for getting outdoors with kids, as well as detailed descriptions of hiking routes. She is a proper ‘whatever the weather’ girl who can’t be contained by four walls. She’s also a fellow camper, although is a bit braver than I and still pitches a tent from time to time.

Travel Loving Family – I’m a big fan of Lisa’s guides to the Caribbean – if you are planning a trip there her blog is a must read. It’s also hard to believe she’s only been blogging since June 2015. She’s definitely one to watch!

Wander Mum – Elizabeth is a great story teller. She pulls you into her posts like you’re right there sharing her adventures. Her daughter, Mrs T, is the same age as Tin Box Tot but so much better travelled. If you’ve ever wondered how its possible to travel around the world with a toddler, Elizabeth has the answer!

In fact each one of these great bloggers is flying the flag for travelling with kids. Yes, it can be hard, but it’s so worth it.

One notable omission from my list of favourite family travel bloggers is Karen from Mini Travellers. She is equally worthy of the top prize – so much so that she won it in 2015! I’m sure she won’t mind passing her crown to someone else this year.

I’d love to say that I’m sharing this post in a totally virtuous way but, to be honest, I would be honoured if you would also consider me for a 2016 MAD Blog Awards nomination in the Best Family Travel Blog category. It’s an extremely tough field and there are many more bloggers I could have mentioned who also deserve recognition. But to get to the final shortlist of six would be a blogging dream come true.

So, that’s who I would like to see in the finals if I was a judge. Now it’s over to you. Who will get your vote for the Best Family Travel Blog and in the 13 other categories?

How to vote in the 2016 MAD Blog Awards

Anyone can vote for their favourite blogs – you don’t have to be a blogger. Simply visit the Tots100 website, enter your email address and the full URL (including http://) of the blogs you want to nominate. You have to vote for your blog of the year first before the other categories come up.

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