Family travel

New year, new baby

Hello 2015! We’re waving you a massive welcome and looking forward to all the exciting things you’re going to bring. Number one on the list is Tin Box Baby 2, due in April.

Happy new year 2015 pink

Family and close friends have already been let in on the secret of what we’re having, but December shot by in such a flash that I didn’t have a chance to mention TBB2’s gender with my Tin Box Traveller hat on.
So…(drum roll)…if you’re eagle eyed you might have already spotted the hint above…if not…

TBB is another girl! 
Or at least that’s the sonographer’s best guess after the little pickle kept her legs tightly closed during the majority of my 20 week scan. She’s obviously modest like her mother!!
The Tin Box household is going to be well a truly pink – sorry Mr TB. We’ve already decided that two tiny travellers is our limit so any new testosterone being introduced to the house will have to be in the form of a four-legged friend. Tin Box Dog is yet to be consulted on that!
So here’s to another year of travel adventures and (expanding) family fun! 

Happy new year to everyone who has read my blog in 2014. I hope you’ll pop by for more snippets of our adventures as a family of four plus one dog in 2015.

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