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Car care advice – be safe on the road while travelling

Car care advice – be safe on the road while travelling

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Ever wondered how you can aim for a pleasant road trip with your family? It is not just about what you pack and how you fit it all in your car. In order to achieve a successful road trip you should also focus on preparing your vehicle. Below are some guidelines on how you can achieve that. 

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Check your engine oil

Before going on a journey it is advisable to check your car’s engine oil level, so that it doesn’t cause you trouble later on.

In order to check if your engine has an adequate oil level, use your engine oil dipstick. It has a minimum and maximum preferable level of oil marked on it. After dipping it in the engine you can easily see whether the oil level is below or equal to the adequate level.

Doing this check will help your car perform better and there will be less chance of you facing car trouble during your journey. 

Look for a professional mobile tyre service 

It’s a good idea to check your tyre pressure levels regularly to avoid a puncture.

However checking the pressure level in the tyres is not enough for them to roll smoothly on the road surface. Other significant tyre checks include looking at the tread depth, which protects the outer layer of the tyre from being harmed by road hurdles, like bumps and debris that can cause your tyre to burst.

Seeing whether the wheels are properly aligned is another essential tyre check. This is important because your car can lose control if its wheels are not correctly aligned.

In case you face any of these tyre issues, you can call a mobile tyre fitting service to take a look and save you worry before your journey. An expert from a nearby garage with proper tyre repair tools can come to you and help fix your worn out tyres. You can get mobile tyre fitting service from Fife Autocentre too

Check your battery

If you have not checked your battery for a long time it may have run down, especially if you have been using your car less during the pandemic.

Car batteries lose power if they don’t get regular current from the engine because they have been parked in the garage for a long time. The last thing you want is that your car won’t start when you are going on a longer journey.

To avoid such a situation, it is always better to check the water level in the battery and keep your vehicle running for at least 15 minutes, once a week if you have been using it less recently. 

Carry necessary documents

Carrying identification and driving documents during your journey is also important. At times there can be legal checks on travellers for safety.

It is important to keep your Drivers’ License on you. If you are driving abroad also have your passport and an International Drivers’ Permit, if required. This will save you unnecessary hassle if you are stopped by for a routine check by the police or an other government official.

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Sharing is caring!

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