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50 things that make me happy

I’ve been tagged by my fellow South Coaster Mother Inferior to write a list of 50 things that make me happy. You can see Helena’s great list over on her blog.

This was such a fun task and if you haven’t already had a go I can highly recommend doing it – don’t wait for a tag! Like the lovely weather we’ve been enjoying in the UK since Easter, listing a few of the things that make you happy is a great morale booster.

So without further ado, here’s my top 50 things that make me happy in no particular order:

1. The feel of clean bed sheets – everyone loves this, right?

2. Warm summer evenings.
3. The smell of cut grass.
5. A toddler free shower – a rarity, but pure gold when it happens.
6. The crunch of fresh snow under foot.
7. Getting big smiles from Tin Box Dog when I arrive home – yes, my dog actually smiles!
8. Watching Tin Box Tot sleep – she’s such a cutie when she’s unconscious 😉
9. The first day of a holiday.
10. Cuddling up with Mr Tin Box in our huge snuggle chair.
11. The smell of wood burning in our chimenea.
12. Watching Mr TB and TBT play.
13. Chocolate – enough said.
14. Clothes shopping – I can’t wait for a bit of this once Tin Box Baby 2 arrives – any day now!
15. That Friday feeling – knowing you have the whole weekend ahead of you.
16. Feeling smug after a good workout – NB. I haven’t felt this in a while.
17. Waking up an hour before the alarm goes off and rolling over for more sleep.
18. Waking up at the weekend, realising that it’s after 7am and the Tot has allowed us a lay in.
19. The fact that Mr TB enjoys cooking so I get away with not doing it most of the time.
20. A clean house – this rarely happens.
21. The new things that TBT learns every day.
22. Blogging – you’ve got to love it, or what’s the point?
23. Making lists and ticking things off.
24. Having a film night at home.
25. The sound of rain on the caravan roof while we are warm and cosy inside.
26. Foot rubs – hint hint Mr TB.
27. Visiting stately homes and gardens.
28. Getting a good 3G signal while we are on our travels.
29. Flicking through old photos.
30. Writing – my number one hobby.
31. Baking, especially triple chocolate brownies.
32. Planning holidays.
33. Walks in the New Forest.
34. Christmas dinner – Mr TB cooks a mean turkey.
35. Our heated car seats – I’ve only just stopped using them.
36. Cheese on toast.
37. Re-reading letters Mr TB and I sent each other when he first joined the Royal Navy.
38. Chinese takeaways.
39. When TBD has a ‘puppy moment’ and runs around the dining table like a loon.
40. Early nights.

41. The funny faces TBT pulls at herself in the mirror.

42. A good cuppa.

43. Getting back into my pre-maternity clothes – I’m looking forward to this a lot.

44. Watching historical dramas – I love any shenanigans from the Tudor era.

45. Cute text messages from Mr TB while we are a part.

46. My job – it may sound swotty, but I love what I do.

47. Getting lovely comments on my blog.

48. Sitting down with TBT for milk, a biscuit and a cuddle before bed.

49. Eating out.

50. Power naps.

I think I could go on, but that’s your lot.

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