Devon, Family days out

A beach day in Devon

We’ve been lucky enough to have three uninterrupted weeks together as a family this summer, the first of which we spent in Devon.

We booked our holiday at Hillhead near Brixham daydreaming about warm sunny days and fun on the beach. It was the end of July after all – peak time for a trip to the coast. The weather didn’t quite turn out as we had hoped but we did get one day by the sea.

The rocks and shoreline at Man Sands

A short drive from our caravan site was Man Sands, which is looked after by the National Trust. The beach is a 3/4 mile down hill trot from the car park. We left the pram at the car as we weren’t sure of the condition of the path.

I popped Tin Box Baby in her sling and kept an eye on Tin Box Tot while Mr TB acted as pack horse with all our beach clobber. It turns out we could have navigated the path with the pushchair, but it would have been difficult to get over the rocks onto the beach at the bottom.

Our UV tent pitched in front of a wall and rocks

It was still quite a blustery day so we found the most sheltered spot we could to pitch up our UV tent. Mr TB pegged it down and the covered all edges with large stones to make sure we didn’t blow away. This was Tin Box Baby’s protective bubble where she happily slept and fed throughout our visit.

Our UV tent with Tin Box Baby laid inside

Tin  Box Traveller and Tin box Baby in a UV tent

This was the first proper beach day TBT had had since she was about six-months-old so building sand castles and making dams was all new to her. It was lovely to see her really enjoying all the simple activities that we did as a children.

Tin Box Tot making a sand castle

Tin Box Tot standing in a man made dam

Mr TB also took her off to look in the rock pools and came across a cave.

Tin Box Tot and Dog exploring a cave

Tin Box Dog enjoyed meeting all the other four-legged friends being walked along the coast path. To our embarrassment she spent quite a bit of time chasing other people’s balls. Luckily they also found this amusing.

A part from the odd walker and passing jet ski we had the beach to ourselves all morning and into the early afternoon when other families started to arrive.

A view across the beacg

The peace, beautiful scenery and good, wholesome family time that we found at Man Sands was our perfect beach day. Especially because it resulted in this.

Tin Box Tot asleep in  the car

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