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The perfect holiday for adventure junkies #MarkWarnerMum

The perfect holiday for adventure junkies #MarkWarnerMum

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When it comes to Tin Box family holidays we’re all pretty adventurous. Well, as adventurous as you can be with a toddler and baby. We’re not thinking about climbing Everest any time soon, that’s for sure!

But we do like experiencing new things and not letting anything get in the way of us having a good time.

That said, we each have a slightly different adventure junkie personality. Think of us as the Spice Girls of the family travel world!

So, I’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want…from our perfect holiday. Sorry – I couldn’t resist!


Tin Box Traveller – the ‘whatever the weather’ adventure junkie

Tin Box Traveller's idea of the perfect holiday

Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling the warmth of the summer sun on my face. But if it’s raining I’m not going to let that stop me having a good time when I’m on holiday. A walk in the cold and rain can be bracing. And there’s nothing more satisfying than getting back to our accommodation, pulling off my wet socks and getting cosy by the fire. Bliss!

Top of my packing list: my raincoat and wellies.


Mr Tin Box – the ‘challenge me’ adventure junkie


Mr Tin Box's idea of a perfect holiday

Whether the challenge is to cycle 100 miles or run a marathon, Mr Tin Box is up for it. And this extends to his attitude towards holidays. If there’s a mountain to climb or some extreme sport to try, he is first in line. The rest of us are quite happy to cheer from the side lines but often find ourselves along for the ride.

Top of his packing list: energy gels and a sturdy pair of shoes.


Tin Box Tot – the ‘fearless’ adventure junkie

Tin Box Tot idea of the perfect holiday

This three-year-old knows no fear when it comes to trying new activities. When there’s fun to be had she barely gives her parents a second look before she’s striding off to get in amongst it. Tin Box Tot laughs in the face of zip lines, enormous bouncy cushions and climbing frames that would leave most other toddlers quivering.

Top of her packing list: sunglasses and sun cream so she can play all day.


Tin Box Baby – the ‘foodie’ adventure junkie

Tin Box Tot's idea of the perfect holiday involves lots of food

There isn’t a meal this nine-month-old hasn’t tried. If it comes served up on a plate, and often if it’s not, Tin Box Baby will give it a go. Whenever she’s on holiday she can’t wait to get her nashers (all two of them) round the local delicacies. Admittedly, she’s only travelled in the UK so far, but she’s a big fan of British cuisine and can’t wait to try her first foreign dish.

Top of her packing list: an easy clean bib and baby cutlery.


Tin Box Dog – the ‘wet and wild’ adventure junkie

Tin Box Dog's idea of a perfect holiday

This loopy Labrador Retriever loves nothing better than water sports; especially if they involve fetching a ball from the sea. She’s also not afraid of diving into slightly murkier waters and has been known to emerge covered head to toe in mud and algae, but still with a smile on her face.

Top of her packing list: a towel and doggy deodorant.

So that’s how each of us likes our adventures. What’s your holiday personality?

This is our entry to the Mark Warner 2016 Family Ambassador competition in the Adventure Junkie category. Just don’t mention to Tin Box Dog that she might be holidaying elsewhere this year!

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Enjoyed what you’ve read? I’d be thrilled if you’d nominate me in the Best Family Travel Blog category of the 2016 MAD Blog Awards and the Travel category of the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2016.

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The perfect holiday for adventure junkies

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Monday 22nd of February 2016

What a lovely post. We all love getting out and about for adventures as a family. Good luck!

Wave to Mummy

Saturday 20th of February 2016

Ha ha I don't know what my adventure junkie personality would be - maybe a 'chill' as I like to go with the flow :D have ended up in some fantastic situations that way :) good luck, I entered too but in a different category :)

Our Seaside Baby

Saturday 20th of February 2016

Ah lovely post, great photos! Good luck, I've also entered too :) Polly #thelist

[email protected]

Saturday 20th of February 2016

What a glorious picture of the sea chasing your daughter! All the best of luck with the competition.

New Mummy Blog

Friday 19th of February 2016

Brilliant post! You all look like you had such fun in every photo! Good luck!!! #thelist

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