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First words – the arrival of Tin Box Chatter Tot!

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There’s been a bubble explosion in the Tin Box household.

Every cupboard and surface has been accessorised with bottles, wands and machines full of sticky liquid. And it’s all in honour of Tin Box Tot’s first proper word: bubble.

Tin Box Tot with her Grandmas and bubbles
Grandmas must also bend to Tin Box Tot’s
will when it comes to bubbles

It came out of nowhere one day. In her desperation to get Mr Tin Box and me to bend to her will, TBT let the word roll from her lips like it wasn’t a big thing and pointed a plump finger towards a bubble wand in our conservatory.

A celebration ensued involving many bubbles and a lot of wobbly videos of mummy, daddy and TBT chanting the word over and over again.

Of course, TBT was bought a lot of bubbles in there days that followed and continues to delight us with her own special way of saying ‘bubb-ole’.

Roll forward a few weeks and TBT is now working her way through the dictionary. Garden, bird, dog, car, tractor, banana, cheese, dirty, duck, and shoes have all been added to her vocabulary. (I’m keeping track of her progress on Pinterest).

We’ve not gone out and bought any of the above with quite the same enthusiasm as we did for bubbles. But I marvel at how quickly TBT is picking things up and learning about the world around her.

Who knows what the next word will be? I’m going to start working on ‘caravan’!

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Sharing is caring!

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