Family travel

Grey clouds and silver linings

It’s pictures like this that remind me why we work so hard to afford special time with our little Tin Box family at the weekends.

Tin Box Traveller and Tin Box Tot on East Witterings beach

All the early mornings and late nights are worth it when you can share the experience of kicking off your shoes and dipping your toes in the sand with friends and family.

This rare picture of Tin Box Tot and me was taken by Mr TB on East Witterings beach in West Sussex on Sunday. The clouds overhead were grey and the wind was whipping about us, but the sand and sea were warm on our toes.

Tin Box Dog was also having a whale of a time with her friend M as you can see.

I’m guilty of spending too much time on my ‘projects’ when we are at home. I love them otherwise I wouldn’t do them. However, I also love having a legitimate excuse to put down the iPhone and step away from the computer in order to focus on the special people in my life.

Caravanning, and often pitching up in an area without 3G, helps to make that happen. What helps you to refocus on the important things in your life?

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