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Caravanning for discomfort?

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A friend asked me last week: “Did you enjoy your cold weekend away in the caravan?”

Before responding with an affirmative, I had to smile.

They were referring to our last outing in December, when Mr Tin Box and I visited Bashley Park near New Milton with our Caravan Club centre. And thanks to the luxuries of modern caravans, we were anything but cold. In fact, I had to throw off the duvet one night!

There is a general misconception among the non-caravanning community that if you are camping outside the summer season, you are going to get cold, wet and muddy.

Admittedly on that final point, mud is unavoidable if you come within shaking distance of our 19-month-old Labrador Retriever. But that’s no different whether we are home or away.

The fact is you need only get cold and wet when caravanning if you choose to stand in the rain without a suitable water-proof. I prefer to act like a sane human being by taking shelter in my water-tight tin box and turning on the blown air heating.

I’m sure the question was asked with a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek, but it still amused me that some people think we caravan because we are fans of discomfort.

Tin Box is now tucked up in its caravan cosy until Easter, when we are planning our first adventure with baby Tin Box, who is due to arrive in February. Now that is going to add a whole new dimension to our travels!

Sharing is caring!

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