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Preparing for our new arrival

So far, January has been less about caravanning and more about preparing our home without wheels for the arrival of baby Tin Box.

What used to be adult space has undergone a radical transformation. Stair gates have been fitted, rooms have been rearranged, and a multitude of new gadgets and baby essentials have moved in.

The best part is that several boxes of clutter have also gone up the loft, and pictures that have been waiting to be hung for about two years have finally made it onto the walls.
Not even Tin Box has been able to avoid a baby-inspired modification. Having spent our fair share of nights sleeping over the water heater in my parents’ caravan, we decided a bit of sound-proofing might be in order. After all, we’re planning to put baby Tin Box’s cot right next to the heater, which is under the side dinette of our Bailey Arizona.
All it took was a bit of high-density foam and some staples, and the burbling of the ‘water monster’ has been reduced to a level we hope will be acceptable to a napping baby. Time will tell!
I’m sure there are plenty of other ‘baby modifications’ we can make to our caravan and it’s bound to be the subject of a future blog post once we get back on the road. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!
A final thought on sound-proofing: I wonder if we can apply the same approach to the partition curtain around the side dinette, so Mr Tin Box and I can also guarantee a good night’s sleep?