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The used car market takes an upward trend post-Covid

The used car market takes an upward trend post-Covid

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Now that life is returning to something approaching normal, albeit with the threat of Covid still lingering, an unusual trend has been spotted by market experts. This is the surprising, and dramatic, uptick in the demand for second-hand cars. However, when you look at the reason for the upward trend, it becomes very understandable.

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People who use public transport are often those who don’t hold driving licences, but there is also a sizeable number of people who switched to public transport for reasons that range from convenience and expense (parking can be tricky and parking charges are sometimes very high) to worries about the environment.

It is better to use one vehicle to transport twenty to eighty people, rather than have each of those people driving their own vehicle, all emitting fumes and burning fossil fuels.

However, those people have reconsidered their position now that Covid has proven itself to be so tenacious, so rapidly spread and with the potential of such nasty, lingering symptoms.

They reason that they need a vehicle of their own once again – but those environmental concerns still exist. In fact, they are more urgent than ever! Is there any solution that satisfies both sides of the question: privacy versus being eco-friendly?

Yes! Used cars are the answer.

When a vehicle is manufactured, it carries a high environmental toll – precious minerals are mined from the earth, the metal is smelted using heat that is acquired through oil or coal, the vehicle parts are processed using toxic and harsh chemicals, and then it is fitted out and painted, again accumulating more ‘black marks’ on the environmental front.

But if that vehicle is then used for many years, kept in good running condition with minimal emissions permitted to escape, then that toll is reduced, year on year.

Hybrid and environmentally friendly cars are already old enough to be second-hand, and purchasing one of these keeps your initial environmental impact to a minimum, while the green technology ensures it stays that way.

By choosing as environmentally friendly a used car as you can find, you will not only ensure that your carbon footprint remains acceptably small, but you will be able to avoid mass transit, and the risk that just one person could make hundreds, if not thousands, of people ill.

If this sounds like something you need: book a used car online at KAP Brighton.

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