Family travel

Our unusual Christmas guest

We had a kindred spirit come to stay this Christmas – another traveller who carries their home on their back.

Herbie the giant African land snail

Herbie the giant African land snail usually hangs out at Tin Box Tot’s nursery but needed a family to look after him while all the kids were on holiday.

TBT has always been a massive fan of Herbie, so we jumped at the chance of entertaining him for the festive period.
He came home with a tank full of soil and a list of food he likes. That was all. Cue mild panic! How do you look after a giant African land snail?!
Thanks to a bit of research on Google we discovered it is very easy.

Tin Box Tot sprays Herbie the snail

Herbie pretty much looks after himself. Unlike Tin Box Dog he doesn’t need walking; you don’t need to pick up his poos; and he doesn’t whine for his dinner.

He is in fact very lazy. A part from one morning, we had to unearth him from his soil every breakfast time.

Herbie’s routine was then pretty simple:

  • We sprayed him with warm water once a day – or more often if TBT had her way
  • We refreshed his drinking water daily
  • And chopped up some fresh veg to pop into his tank every other day.
Christmas dinner consisted of cucumber and carrots, which was a synch to prepare compared to our own.

Herbie the giant African land snail eats cucumber and carrot for Christmas dinner

Herbie was the ideal house guest. He didn’t grumble, snore or get fed up of being dragged out of bed early when TBT wanted to give him a spray.

He’s welcome again anytime!

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