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Crafty Christmas gifts from a toddler

At the risk of giving away what some of our nearest and dearest will be receiving from Tin Box Tot this Christmas (turn away now Grandparents!), I thought I’d post about our first attempt at Christmas crafts.

Christmas can be expensive enough without buying family and friends gifts from your children as well as yourself. It’s a lovely gesture if you can afford it and who doesn’t like lots of presents, but with Tin Box Tot 2 on the way, we’re trying to be frugal this year.
So we have been making a few little gifts with TBT instead of splashing out on shop bought presents. Besides, mini-masterpieces made by tiny fingers bring a lot more joy than a bottle of plonk or perfume (really, they do!).
TBT loves getting messy and at 22-months-old isn’t quite patient enough to do really fiddly crafts, so we opted for decorating some pre-cut Christmas tree ornaments that we picked up from The Range (£1 each).

We spent a morning painting the trees, robins and stars in red and yellow. I think the best bit for TBT was mixing up the colours – apparently mummy never quite put enough on the plate. Moorrre!
We left the liberally painted ornaments to dry overnight and then added the finishing touches the next morning. Again, a little bit of glue and glitter was not at all festive according to TBT. The more the merrier!

Once everything had dried I added a loop of gold ribbon to complete TBT’s Christmas gifts. I don’t think they don’t look too bad hanging on our tree and I hope the lucky recipients will enjoy them too.

What are your favourite Christmas crafts for the under twos?

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