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Banish post-holiday blues #KeepSummerGoing

There’s no dressing it up. The moment you put the key in your front door and step back into your pre-holiday life has to be one of most depressing of the year.

I hate it with a passion and find myself getting wound up about the smallest things in those first few days of being ‘back to normality’. Mind you, standing at the bottom of a mountain of washing rather than a mountain path will do that to me any day of the week. 

At some point I’ll snap out of it, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help me feel sunny sooner. Here’s my tips on how to banish post-holiday blues:

Plan days out

Days out can be as good as a holiday. Visit some attractions closer to home that you might normally overlook. You may be surprised to find a great day out on your doorstep.

Spend evenings in the garden

Fresh air and the setting sun on your face – there’s nothing better for clearing your head and reminding you of some of those care free evenings you spent away from home. Pop on a wood burner and wrap up in a blanket to keep off the autumn chill. However, if the British weather doesn’t play ball, just turn off the TV and have a chat. It’s likely you did a lot more of this while you were on your hols.

Give your menu a taste of summer

If you’re like me you’ll eat very differently while you are on holiday. Why not add a taste of your holidays to your meal plan? I’m not saying you should have ice creams everyday, but why not try recreating that great pasta dish you ate in that fancy restaurant?

Show off your memories

Don’t let your holiday snaps go unloved on your camera memory card. Download them and create an online album or even print some off for the wall. Looking back through all the fun stuff you did is bound to make you smile.

Book your next break

Obvious really. There’s nothing better to give you a warm glow and refocus your thoughts than booking your next big adventure. And how better to banish the winter blues than with a holiday in the sun. Something like a Canary Islands walking holiday available through Inntravel is bound to hit the spot.

Disclosure: this post is a collaboration with Inntravel. For more tips from them and other bloggers visit their blog.

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