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Travel Timehop #24: Isle of Wight, 2011

My Travel Timehop is all about sharing memories from our travels during the past decade. Some include our growing family and many are from before we became parents. This week’s snapshot is from our pre-kid adventures when we indulged in grown-up activities like, err…climbing trees.

When are we timehopping to?

It was 2011 and Mr Tin Box had just come back from a six month deployment with the Royal Navy. To celebrate we had treated ourselves to a week away with a festival finale.

Where in the world?

We were on the Isle of Wight. Our base for the week was a holiday cottage in Cowes from where we visited Osborne House, Carisbrooke Castle and Yarmouth.

At the end of the week we went to the Isle of Wight festival. It was great to be able to enjoy bands like the Foo Fighters, Manic Street Preachers and the Kaiser Chiefs during the day and then head back to a real bed and shower at night. Some might call that cheating, but I like to think of it as a form of glamping.

Timehop moment

Mr TB is into all sorts of sports. In fact he enjoys anything that challenges him physically – the more painful or exhilarating the better. I’m a lot less adventurous but can be persuaded to try most things once…even swinging from the tree tops.
Mr TB had heard that you could do tree climbing on the island and inevitably wanted to give it a go. This picture was taken at the bottom of a 70ft oak tree before we began to scale it with the help of a system of ropes.
It was a fantastic experience. The instructor showed us how to use the ropes to push ourselves up into the branches and then higher into the canopy where we relaxed in hammocks. The views from the top were great. We could see the Solent and Hampshire coastline as well as across the island itself.
My legs ached for the next few days but I’d defiantly do it again. 

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