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Seven types of traveller – which are you?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the type of traveller I am. Some people are very specific about the travelling they like to do. I’m not so sure I am. 

Travelling comes in all shapes and sizes. But is there a gold standard traveller? I don’t think so. As long as you’re out there exploring then good for you. 

We’ve done a lot of different holidays and have modified our adventurers to suit our budget and situation at the time. Having a family has meant we do things differently to how we did 10 years ago.  Road trips and luxury breaks have been replaced with adventures closer to home for a short time. But is that what I want to do forever? No. I definitely want to mix things up.

As a bit of fun, I’ve come up with a list of seven types of traveller – some that I’ve been, some that I’d like to be.

The day tripper

Small bursts of travel to places not too far away allows this traveller to quench their thirst to explore, usually when they are in-between trips or on a smaller budget.

The weekender

Why have one big holiday a year when you can have city breaks all year round? The weekender only ever buys travel-sized toiletries and rarely unpacks their carry-on luggage.

The sun lounger

Luxury and relaxation are this traveller’s buzz words. You’ll either find them at the all-inclusive pool bar or spa with cocktail in hand.

The thrill seeker

No holiday would be complete without jumping out of a plane or swimming with sharks. This traveller has a bucket list full of knee-wobbling feats and is always in search of the next big challenge.

The native

If the locals eat there, expect to find the native traveller dining alongside them. This jet setter doesn’t just want to see their destination, they want to experience every part of it like they lived there.

The full package

Regardless of the destination or level of luxury, the full package traveller wants all the fuss taken out of their trips. Everything is booked in advance and no detail is left to chance. 

The road tripper

Probably the opposite of the full package traveller, the road tripper takes each day as it comes and makes spur of the moment decisions about where they are headed next. The mystery is all part of the fun. Expect to see their fully laden back pack before you see them.

Which type of traveller are you? Or, like me, can you see a piece of yourself in a few of these? If you’ve got a traveller type to add please pop it in the comments below.

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