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Looking after caravan tyres

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The Winter months can play havoc with caravan tyres, especially if you’ve not moved your weekend retreat for any length of time.

We put Tin Box away in her cosy storage spot back in November and won’t be out now until February. We’re already planning to give her a thorough going over before we remove her cover and hit the road again.

Mr Tin Box is particularly hot on making sure our tyres are ready for the road. Here are his top tips for looking after your caravan and towing car tyres:

Consider winter wheels

Caravans left standing for long periods can get misshapen tyres. Caravan tyres also tend to perish more quickly than car tyres. So consider using ‘winter wheels’ or wheel savers.  

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Check your spare

Caravan spare tyres are awkward to get to and are exposed to the elements under the van.  It may be a pain but get the wheel out every so often to check it and to make sure its carrier is well lubricated and not seized. Also consider having jacking points installed on the chassis.

Get the right tyres for the job

Many caravaners use 4x4s. This is often for size and weight ratio with the caravan but, if like us you like going onto CLs or rallies, they can also get you out of trouble on wet and muddy fields.  

However, it doesn’t matter how accomplished the salesman says your 4×4 is, poorly selected tyres like those purely designed for summer use, will make your Chelsea wagon next to useless (as demonstrated by Mr Clarkson).

Don’t get caught out with your spare

Many modern cars come with space saver tyres or even just inflation kits. While fine for ‘solo’ use, many manufactures do not recommend them for towing. Something to consider when buying your next car!

Check your tyre pressure

Many car manufacturers recommend a different tyre pressure when towing compared with normal use. Make sure you have the right pressures when you hook up (and again when unhooking).

Check again!

Under-inflation on the caravan wheels can reduce the friction between your motor mover and tyre causing it to slip – just another reason to check.

Check, check again!

When checking your tyre pressures it’s also a good idea to look at the torque settings of the wheel nuts. The last thing you want is for a wheel to go flying while you’re towing.

What are your tips for caravan and car tyre safety?

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Sharing is caring!

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