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If I was a lottery winner…my dream holiday wish list

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What would be on your dream holiday wish list if money was no object? It’s a little game that I love to play with Mr Tin Box and each time we do that list becomes a bit more refined, if not totally out of reach for us financially. With no rich relatives offering to sub our adventures the most likely way we’ll achieve all our travel dreams is if we become lottery winners.

Here’s how we’d spend that windfall:

Board a round the world cruise

What better way to slowly relax into becoming a millionaire than booking a suite on a cruise ship and sailing off in to the sunset? About 100 days of fine dining, spa treatments and exotic destinations would give us just enough time to finalise the itinerary for all our other dream holidays. P&O would be my first ‘port of call’ as they cruise around the world from Southampton. I’m sure we could foot the bill for a limousine from Devon to get us to the dockside in style.

cruise ship and sunset - dream holiday wish list

Set off on a European road trip

Mr Tin Box and I have completed our own European road trip in the past but would love to get another stab at it with the kids. If time and money were no object we’d add Italy to our itinerary. Our recent trips to Tuscany, Sicily and Rome have got me aching to experience more of the historic cities, gorgeous countryside and the mouthwatering gelato.

We’d also be keen to incorporate seeing the gothic architecture of Prague in the Czech Republic and the tulip fields outside Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Plus Germany has been calling to me recently; Berlin in particular. Oh, there’s so much we still want to see in Europe!

Prague - dream holiday wish list

Island hopping in Croatia

One particular European country that I’m desperate to explore is Croatia. You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to appreciate the medieval city walls of Dubrovnik or the humming harbour side of Split. However, what we’d really like to do is charter a yacht and go island hopping in Croatia. Mr Tin Box had the opportunity to visit several of the smaller islands while serving onboard a Royal Navy ship during a Mediterranean deployment. The people he met and food he ate has been etched in his memory.

Croatian island - dream holiday wish list

Travel coast to coast in the US by RV

The idea of hiring an RV and setting off on a meandering journey across the United States has been on our dream holiday wish list for a long time. In fact I think it stems from our trip around western Europe with a tent and camping gear in the back of a small hatchback. An RV, in comparison, would be pure luxury. Of course, as new millionaires, we’d be looking for the most upmarket model with walls that slide out to maximise the living space when we park up.

Our route would start in New York and end in California with a branch off down the Blue Highway – Route 61 – to Louisiana to see family friends. When we reached the West Coast a trip along California’s State Route 1 would be essential to make the most of the sunshine.

Us state route - dream holiday wish list

Explore New Zealand’s wilderness Lord of the Rings style

Mr Tin Box is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and has read the book and watched the Peter Jackson films umpteen times. I can’t claim to be as big a fan of Middle Earth but the New Zealand landscapes showcased in the movies are enough to make me want to pack a bag and hop on a 24 hour flight – first class, naturally. To truly make the most of the experience (and geek out a bit), a guided tour of all the Lord of the Rings film locations would be an epic way to introduce ourselves to New Zealand.

Hobbit house - dream holiday wish list

The good news is that I know we will achieve at least one or two of these dream holidays at some point. In the meantime we’ll have to keep playing the lottery in the hope we can complete the full set…and maybe purchase that Aston Martin Mr Tin Box has been eyeing up since boyhood! Where your travel wish list take you if you came into millions?

Disclosure: This post has been written in collaboration with Lottoland. Main image by YIFEI CHEN on Unsplash. Other destination images from Pixabay.

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