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How to have the holiday of your dreams – on a budget!

How to have the holiday of your dreams – on a budget!

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Family holidays are unforgettable opportunities to relax, spend quality time together and explore new countries and cultures. Those incredible memories do come at a price though, and they can leave your wallet feeling a little worse for wear. Luckily, the money experts and prepaid Mastercard®️ providers icount have put together their top tips to help you save money on that holiday of a lifetime, without missing out on any of the fun! Take a look below.

Choose your dates wisely

When booking flights and accommodation, the dates you choose can have a huge impact on how much you pay. There are a few little known tricks that you can use to help you to find a bargain and save significantly on your holiday. Firstly, try to avoid flying on a Friday, as flights are generally more expensive. Combine your days carefully to access the best deals – flying on a Saturday and returning Monday will generally give you the best deal, as will booking an uncommon number of nights away, such as 15 instead of the usual 14.

Brush up your haggling skills

Did you know that you’re able to haggle on the price of your holiday? If you’ve scoured the internet and found the best deal you can, give your local travel agent a call before booking. They’ll endeavour to beat the price you’ve found, and you may even be able to haggle prices down further.

Reduce charges whilst you’re away

Spending abroad can be costly, but with a little planning you’ll be able to reduce exchange fees and bank penalties. For example, choosing to pay in the local currency when you pay on card will help you to access more favourable exchange rates.

Take cash to spend so you don’t fall foul of ATM withdrawal fees, or consider arranging a prepaid currency card to help you save money when spending.

Live like a local

When travelling abroad, it pays to pretend you’re a local! Instead of eating and drinking at tourist hotspots, find local hidden gems that locals frequent. Not only are these likely cheaper than their mainstream counterparts, but they’ll be more authentic to the local culture and cuisine. Websites such as TripAdvisor are great for helping you discover new places, but make sure to ask the locals too!

Book activities in advance

If you’re planning on taking day trips, excursions or trying out new activities, plan for these in advance and book them before you depart. Tourists are often taken advantage of by tour operators who hike prices at the last minute, so get ahead of the curve by taking a look at your options and any special offers before departing. You’ll be able to save money, without having to miss out on any of the fun!

These easy tips will help you to save plenty of money on your holiday, so you can have the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post with icount.

Sharing is caring!

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