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10 uses for muslin cloths – Babymoov challenge

Baby must-haves don’t come much more essential than the muslin cloth. What would new mums and dads do without them? End up covered in all sorts, that’s what.

So, when the newborn experts at Babymoov got in touch to say they had a new range of muslin blanket sets that I could try I immediately thought of my baby spit covered clothes and said I’d love to test them out with Tin Box Baby 2.

Tin Box Baby 2 sleeping with muslin

The muslin blanket set comes in four different designs, each inspired by mums. Babymoov teamed with five bloggers to co-produce the range. Find out more about how they did it. We were sent the ‘4 Seasons’ design, which is decorated with tree and bird patterns.

Box of muslin blankets on a rocking chair

To put the cloths through their paces properly Babymoov asked me to come up with 10 different uses for their set. TBB2 was keen to help, so here we go:

1. Burping cloth – let’s get the obvious one out the way first – it’s what muslins were made for. Babymoov’s 100 percent cotton muslins are soft, attractive and wash beautifully at 60 degrees (although the recommended washing temperature is 30 degrees).

Tin Box Baby 2 sleeping on muslin

2. Breastfeeding cover – Tin Box Baby 2 is ‘on the boob’ and while I’m very proud of that fact I’m not so keen on giving the world a flash. These muslins are great covers when you are out and about, and look pretty too.

3. Head wedge – Tin Box Tot was born with the aid of forceps and ventouse – ouch! So you can imagine that her little head was a bit out of shape for the first few months. She also favoured her right side when laying down and we were advised to put a rolled up flannel to one side of her head to straighten things up. A muslin cloth can also be used for this and is much more adsorbent should any dribbling happen during naps. Luckily TBB2 had a much less traumatic birth and has been happy without a wedge.

4. Changing mat cover – wipe clean changing mats are very practical but can be cold on little heads and bottoms, so I place a muslin under TBB2 to make nappy time a bit less chilly for her.

Tin Box Baby 2 laying on muslin

4. Sun shade – with summer just around the corner it’s important to think about creating shade for tiny babies. Muslins are great for draping over prams to protect delicate skin and block out the light when she’s sleeping.
6. Boo! – Tin Box Tot loves to play hide and seek – even if she could do with some practice. We started playing peek-a-boo with her when she was tiny with the aid of muslins which we would hide behind. As soon as TBB2 can focus her little eyes on us I’m sure this game will be a hit with her too.
7. Blanket – muslins are ideal for creating an extra thin layer of warmth around your little one in the car or house. Babymoov’s blanket set comes with a large cloth which is just the right size for wrapping around a baby.

Tin Box Baby 2 wrapped in muslin
8. Picnic blanket – it’s in your bag already and makes a fab picnic blanket for a baby or toddler when you stop for an impromptu picnic or ice-cream
9. Bib – because even big girls dribble! When we’ve forgotten to take out Tin Box Tot’s plastic bib a muslin helps to save her outfit from getting covered in lunch.

10. Emergency bed sheet – a muslin is a lifesaver in those situations when baby has already spat up on their bed three times and you’ve run out of clean sheets.

The Babymoov Muslin Blanket Sets (RRP £19.99), including one 80x80cm and two 60x60cm cloths, come in four designs and can be purchased online.

Three rolled Babymoov muslins

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Disclaimer: I was sent a Babymoov Muslin Blanket Set free of charge for the purposes of writing this post.

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