Tin Box Traveller and Tin Box Tot at a Daisy class
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My Daisy baby journey

In two short months my baby will be one-year-old. What a year it’s been getting to know each other.

Tin Box Baby is such a happy, smiley baby. Even when she lost a lot of weight in the first few weeks after being born, she was still a contented little soul. She slept through from a really early age, took to weaning like food was going out of fashion and has been a little star (mostly) while she’s been cutting her first teeth.

She’s fitted in perfectly with our little Tin Box family and is absolutely adored by her big sister, Tin Box Tot.

Now I’ve gone back to work part-time and the girls are both at nursery I very rarely have time alone with either of them, which makes me a little sad. It was a part of the first few months of both their lives that I loved. Mummy-daughter time when we could just be together. Some days it was easier said than done – maternity leave can be so busy.

However, from when Tin Box Baby was six-weeks-old right up until she turned seven-months and we moved to Devon, we made time for a weekly date with the Daisy Foundation.

I’ve written about Daisy before – it runs the birthing classes that totally changed my experience of labour second time round. They also run classes for mummies postpartum focussing on baby massage (Daisy Tinies) and baby yoga (Daisy Wirgglers) with plenty of fun and bonding time.

My classes were run by Nicola – the most chilled out and lovely lady who taught me so much about baby development and made a mean cuppa!

A part from having this quality time with Tin Box Baby, I was also able to get together regularly with ladies who I had first met while we were pregnant. We shared a very special journey.

Before we moved to Dartmouth we were asked if we’d like to take part in this video to help promote Daisy classes and I’m so glad we did. Watching it now has brought back some lovely memories.

If you are looking for birthing classes or classes to do with your baby from six weeks old I can recommend the Daisy Foundation whole-heartedly. There are classes all over the UK.

Disclosure: I paid for all my own Daisy classes, received no payment for taking part in the promotional video and was not asked to share it on my blog. I just love Daisy! Oh, and check out how cute Tin Box Baby looks!

I’m a blog awards finalist – yay!

I’m incredibly excited to share that I am in the finals of the 2016 MAD (mum and dad) Blog Awards and the shortlist of the Brilliance in Blogging Awards. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and have a spare minute please consider voting for me in the Family Travel Blog category of the MADs and the Travel category of the BiBs.

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