Keeping pets calm on bonfire night
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Keeping pets calm on bonfire night

Tin Box Dog is a bit of a wuss when it comes to loud noises and bangs. It’s a bit ironic considering she’s a Gun Dog, but she’s not alone.

Pets can find firework season really distressing, especially as the period during which rockets are set off seems to get longer every year.

As a pet owner I hate seeing my dog looking stressed and confused while whizzes and pops go off outside our house. I don’t begrudge people celebrating but I do want to reduce the impact on my pooch. She’s usually such a happy soul.

Tin Box Dog sitting in front of a bridge with a grin on her face

There are a few things we do each year to help TBD get through the fireworks:

  • We close all the internal doors to try to block out the sound of fireworks going off outside
  • We turn on the TV or radio and close the curtains to drown out the bangs
  • TBD has chosen a ‘safe place’ for times when she is feeling nervous which is under our dining room table. We make sure the chairs are moved out and we put her bed under the table to make her more comfy when she needs to retreat
  • When TBD was a puppy we learnt all about the benefits of rewarding the behaviour we wanted to encourage and ignoring bad habits like barking or jumping up. Even though it’s hard, when fireworks are going off and TBD looks nervous we try not to cuddle her as she would think she was being rewarded.

Here’s some more tips for keeping pets calm on bonfire night:

Petplan 9 tips to keep your pet calm during firework season
Source: Petplan

Disclosure: this post has been written in collaboration with Petplan. All opinions are my own.

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