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Importance of MOT before you plan a road trip

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Are you thinking about planning a road trip soon? Do not forget to look into your car’s health. An MOT is a strong part of car care.

But ever wondered why our cars require a mandatory MOT test? Many of us still do not have a clear idea on what an MOT is. For all those unclear on the Ministry of Transport testing system, they need to know that once their vehicle crosses three years of use from the date of purchase, it is liable for them to take their vehicle for proper MOT testing. 

Even if you have got your vehicle previously MOT certified and your MOT expiration date comes near, you need to get it MOT certified again by taking it for another test at an MOT centre. In case you are driving your car without an MOT certificate you can face heavy penalties and fines that can range from £1,000 or above! Hence better safe and MOT proof than paying a hefty amount for a damaged vehicle. 

An MOT makes sure that your vehicle is safe to drive anywhere around the UK. A safe driving car is always better than a car with pending repairs. It is for a motorist’s own good and safety that their vehicle is MOT proof so that they and their family do not face any driving faults due to impaired vehicle components while on a long road trip. An MOT also helps to make your vehicle less likely to have an accident.

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An MOT test includes many car checks like checking your windshield from any chip or defect, car brakes, seat belts, the driver’s view from the windscreen, fuel emission systems, tyre checks and many other such vehicle component checks. If you don’t pass your MOT test you will not be allowed to take your vehicle back unless the repairs are fixed. Fixing repairs can take time depending on what sort of damage control is required. Once all repairs are done you will be free to take your vehicle back with MOT proof certification. 

For all the reasons mentioned above it is mandatory for every motorist to get their vehicle MOT certified for their own security and safety and to avoid hefty fines or penalties. 

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