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Campsites for beginners: essential campsite equipment checklist

Campsites for beginners: essential campsite equipment checklist

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Visiting a campsite for the first time is an exciting experience. You’ll be able to break away from the norms of day to day life and spend some quality time with your loved ones. One aspect of camping which can become overwhelming is knowing what to pack. Here’s a list of some of the essentials you’ll need to consider, so you can set off on your first campsite holiday with confidence.

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Essential campsite equipment checklist

Shelter essentials

Tent or caravan 

You’ll want to make sure you check you have all your poles and pegs before you set out. If you’re taking a caravan onto a site make sure that its tyres have been tested and inflated to the right pressure, and the water tank is clean.


If you’re taking a caravan, a lightweight air awning is like a big tent that attaches to the side of the van. They are easy to inflate, will give you extra porch space, and allows you to have a sheltered area in the rain.


A windbreak is excellent for sheltering yourself from wind on a breezy day or creating some privacy on a crowded campsite.

Tarp or Canopy

A sheet of tarp can be secured over your tent for waterproofing, or used as a makeshift awning in warmer weather.

Duct Tape

A roll of duct tape could mend a hole in your tent, or be used to attach a string to the side of your caravan for a DIY clothesline.


As well as a clothesline, string can be used for binding tarp or tent material together.

Extra pegs

Extra pegs are a must if you’re taking a tent with you, particularly if you’ve used your tent several times and they have become bent.

Mealtime essentials

Picnic blanket

A picnic blanket is not only an easy way to get everyone round sitting around for a meal, but they can also protect your clothes from getting damp and can be folded away easily.

Pocket knife

A pocket knife is useful for peeling fruit, preparing fires, cutting rope and opening bottles.

Match sticks or a lighter

If your campsite allows for campfires, you’ll need to have either matches or a lighter to get your kindling started. Try longer matchsticks so you can light your fire at a safe distance.

Portable camp stove

If your campsite does not allow for campfires or disposable BBQs, you will need to use a gas stove if you’re planning on eating hot food. 


Camping furniture can make all the difference to a camping trip if you’ve got some folding chairs or tables. It’s much easier eating meals around a table, and also creates the perfect setting for a game of cards.

Cool box

A cool box is a perfect way to store your food for a camping trip. There are traditional cool boxes for tent campers, or 12V electric cool boxes for caravans if you’ve run out of fridge space.

Campsite Toiletries

First aid kit

Being out in nature can sometimes result in a few bumps and bruises. Pack a first aid kit full of plasters, antiseptic lotions and bite creams for a safe trip.

Bin bag

As well as being essential for collecting all your rubbish on site, bin bags can be used to store wet clothes or pack away items you want to keep dry.


A pack of wipes are an absolute must if you’re visiting a campsite. They’re perfect for a quick freshen up or to clean shoes after a long walk.


Regardless of the season, wearing suncream is the only way to protect your skin against the sun. If you’re especially sensitive, you may want to stay in the shade between 12-2pm where the sun is at its most dangerous.

Insect repellant

Insect repellant can save a camping trip by a lake or if you are close to water. Spray your repellant on any bare skin and remember that mosquitoes are usually most active during dusk.

Toilet paper

Not all campsites will provide toilet paper, so it is a good idea to pack a few rolls. You may need to use some for emergency first aid for juice spills too!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post with PRIMA Leisure.

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