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Beach combing and boundary testing

If you pop by the blog regularly you’ll know we live on the south coast and often take advantage of the beaches on our doorstep. It’s a great place to get some fresh air, stretch Tin Box Dog’s legs and let the Tot explore.

Tin Box Tot holding a stick

I come back with lovely pictures each time but, to be honest, they don’t always tell the whole story. This week we had ‘one of those’ trips – you know the type: fun, yet testing.
Tin Box Tot has been paying great attention to her surroundings since becoming less attached to her pushchair and more able to walk longer distances with us. This week it was lovely to see her discovering the world for herself; each stick, stone and seashell at a time. Everything had to be picked up and examined.
Tin Box Tot pushing shingle with her boot

She was particularly keen on dipping her Wellingtons into pools of seawater that had gathered on the shoreline and pushing the shingle around with her toes to make big wet holes. I think she could have done this for hours.

Tin Box Tot climbing over a groin on the beach

She was also determined to climb over the seaweed covered groynes by herself and throw the ball for TBD whenever it came her way, even if it only went a meter or so. It made her laugh and it made is laugh.
Tin Box Dog running on the beach

It was the walk back from the beach where we got a taster of the ‘terrible twos’.

TBT refused to hold my hand and ran away on a narrow, busy road that had no footpath. At 39 weeks pregnant it was a little bit more than I could cope with but luckily Mr Tin Box and the Tin Box grandparents were there to bring some order back to our outing.

TBT wailed a bit at the unfairness of being restrained before accepting her boundaries for the rest of the waddle home.

I almost abandoned writing anything about this week’s outdoor adventure because of the less than perfect later stages.

However, a bit of encouragement from Fiona at Coombe Mill made me remember that not all outings are perfect but they certainly are worth it. Even with a bit of boundary testing we got a lot out of the walk: spending time together as a family; enjoying a bit of beach combing; playing ball with TBD (her favourite thing in the world); and laughing at silly things. These are definitely all experiences worth sharing.

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