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24 hours in Jersey – without kids!

24 hours in Jersey – without kids!

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It’s not often we get the chance of a child-free trip. Jersey in the Channel Islands was our first mini escape that involved getting on a flight sans children. It was a delight! Here’s what we got up to in 24 hours in Jersey without the kids.

Before I go any further I would thoroughly recommend you spend much more than 24 hours in Jersey – for a small island that you can drive around in just an hour and a half, there’s a lot to do.

We easily filled our short break on the larger of the Channel Islands and were left wanting more. More recently, we’ve had the chance to return with our girls. Read our guide to places to visit in Jersey with kids including beaches, family attractions and beautiful ports.

Our short break in Jersey

But, back to our child-free visit…

Like any couple that’s been handed time off their parenting responsibilities, we opted for a few of the less family-orientated activities that Jersey has to offer.

But first, we hired a car. Arriving in the capital St Helier early Friday evening and being picked up again for our flight by mid-morning on the Sunday meant we had to reduce the amount of time it took us to get around the island.

Hiring a car and doing it under our own steam was the ideal solution. If you have more time I would recommend touring Jersey onboard one of its Liberation buses that call at all of the villages and attractions.

MX5 Mk4 hired in Jersey - 24 hours in Jersey

This was Mr Tin Box’s choice as we have a Mk3 MX5 at home and rarely get to use it together now we have two children and a dog. He was also itching to test the new model.

While it seemed like a bit of an extravagance when we booked the car (just over £100 including damage waiver and fuel) it made total sense by the end of our day when we had been able to drive around the entire coastline and stop off at a couple of attractions along the way. 

With its convertible roof it was also the perfect car to tour the island on a sunny weekend.

After picking up the MX5 on the Saturday morning, the first place we visited was the Jersey War Tunnels, about 10 minutes drive from St Helier.

A lot of friends had recommended this attraction and it sounded fascinating. We were not disappointed.

We visited the Jersey War Tunnels during our 24 hours in Jersey

The network of tunnels was built during the German occupation in the Second World War. It is now used tell the compelling story of the invasion, occupation and liberation of Jersey through the eyes of the islanders.

I can honestly say that as we walked through those dark damp corridors I felt emotions that I haven’t felt since I visited the war graves in France and Belgium as a teenager.

The longest tunnel Jersey War Tunnels - 24 hours in Jersey

The personal stories of loss, betrayal and resistance told through multi-media displays and recreated scenes from wartime Jersey will stay with me for a long time.

Second World War living room at Jersey War Tunnels - 24 hours in Jersey

Feeling more than a little subdued we hit the coast road, traveling clockwise around the island to La Corbière – a breezy and dramatic vantage point overlooking the rugged Corbière Point and lighthouse in the South West.

The weather was beautiful and this lifted our spirits.

Cornier lighthouse on the south west coast of Jersey - 24 hours in Jersey

From here we drove north along St Ouen’s Bay, past the golf club and nature reserve we had flown over when we landed at Jersey Airport.

We weaved inland for a short time and then back to the coast for a quick stop at Plemont Bay, which is said to be the island’s most beautiful beach. Sadly when we arrived the tide was very high so we didn’t get a good view of the sandy cove with its sheltered rock pools and caves.

We continued our road trip east with a destination in mind for lunch – La Mare Wine Estate near St Mary. This was a one of those places we had picked out as being a bit of an adult treat.

Urn at La Mare Wine Estate - 24 hours in Jersey

We enjoyed a quiet lunch in the Vineyard Bistro, which serves mezze-style boards, wraps and hot meals overlooking the estate’s vines.

The Jersey Black Butter and Tomato chutney that accompanied my Mediterranean mezze board was so delicious we picked some up in the shop.

Mediterranean board at La Mare Wine Estate - 24 hours in Jersey

After lunch we joined a guided tour of the estate.

La Mare was established in 1972 after the then owner Robert Blayney fell in love with the farm house on the land. He decided to create a vineyard and out of sheer luck the soil and climate provided an excellent growing environment.

La Mare now produces red, white, rose and sparkling wine, as well as cider, ales, liquors, luxury chocolate, biscuits and preserves.

Farm house at La Mare Wine Estate - 24 hours in Jersey

Our tour started among the vines and took us through the winery, kitchens and distillery.

One of the eye opening parts for me was finding out how bubbles are added sparkling wine though a slow process of adding yeast and freezing the sediment out of the bottle neck.

I’ll be savouring my Prosecco much more from now on!

Distillery at La Mare Wine Estate - 24 hours in Jersey

At the end of the tour came the best bit: tasting the estate’s products. Out of all the things we sampled the Jersey Apple Brandy Cream liquor was my favourite. Or was it the Bailiwick? Or the milk chocolate? You get the idea!

It was now mid-afternoon and we were at the half way point on our drive around the island. We headed north back towards the sea and stopped for another view across the English Channel at Sorel Point and then Ronez Point – the most northerly place on Jersey.

With the clock ticking we drove inland and picked up the coast road at St Catherine’s Bay. As you travel along the of the coast you can see how it has been heavily fortified over the centuries.

On the East there’s Mont Orgueil Castle, which was constructed to defend Jersey in the 13th Century, and many small forts built by the occupying Germans during the Second World War.

MX5 in front of Fort on east coast of Jersey - 24 hours in Jersey

All too soon we arrived back in St Helier. We had enough time to see the last ferry returning from Elizabeth Castle in St Aubin Bay before returning to our hotel for a hour of relaxation in the pool and spa.

Tin Box Traveller and Mr Tin Box at St Aubins Bay overlooking Elizabeth Castle. 24 hours in Jersey

Where we stayed

We were booked into The Club Hotel & Spa in St Helier. It’s a five star, boutique hotel with a one Michelin Star restaurant and small spa.

Our transfer from Jersey airport was with Tantivy Blue Coaches and took about 20 minutes. When we arrived at the hotel our bags were whisked away to our room and we were given a short tour of the main facilities.

There’s an honesty bar, guest lounge were snacks are served, five spa treatment rooms, as well as both indoor and outdoor pools.

The hotel staff were extremely helpful, finding us dinner reservations both nights and even double checking our transfer time back to the airport which was far too early for our return flight. Breakfast was continental-style with an extra charge for hot food.

The one thing the hotel couldn’t offer was views as it’s located behind the Fort Regent leisure complex. However it is within easy walking distance of the main shops, restaurants, marina and waterfront.

Eating and nights out

I can recommend booking ahead if you’d like to eat at The Club Hotel & Spa’s restaurant, Bohemia. It’s extremely popular.

We couldn’t get a table on our first night but the helpful reception staff found us reservations at Quayside – a trendy seafood restaurant with views of the marina.

On our second night in St Helier we took up a recommendation from Jersey blogger Emma from Island Living 365 and went to Merchant House. This restaurant is located beside the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery, and serves classic dishes from the reasonably priced set menu.

On another tip from Emma we had after dinner drinks at what she billed as the ‘secret cocktail bar’: The Blind Pig. It wasn’t easy to find. We had to ask for directions a couple of times.

Eventually a friendly doorman escorted us down a St Helier back alley and through an unmarked door. Yes, the thought that we were about to be mugged did cross my mind!

However, as we walked down some stairs and through a heavy curtain our concerns were immediately forgotten. Inside the decor is opulent and the cocktails we were served had quite a kick.

Seek it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Getting to Jersey

From where we live in Devon, Jersey is a 45 minute flight from Exeter Airport. There are flights to Jersey from 10 other UK airports so there’s no need to travel all the way to London if you are planning a Channel Island break.

There are also ferries from Portsmouth and Poole taking between 10 and four and a half hours each crossing.

Flying was definitely the easiest option while we were traveling as a couple and meant we could look around duty free without having to worry about bottles of expensive spirits being toppled from the shelves by little people.

Mr Tin Box bought himself a new pair of sun glasses, while I was given a mini-makeover by one of the lovely shop assistants.

On the plane we even managed to fit in a quick G&T in the extremely short time between take off and landing. When flying without kids, it would be rude not to!

In flight gin and tonic on our Flybe flight from Exeter to Jersey for 24 hours in Jersey

Handy to know

  • If you’re wondering why your return flight from Jersey to Exeter is considerably longer than your outgoing one it’s because you land in Guernsey on the return trip. If you like taking off and landing, consider it a bonus.

We left Jersey happy and relaxed, having had a great short break, but also longing for more. Next time we may even bring the kids for a family break.

Have you holidayed in Jersey? Where would you recommend going if you had just 24 hours to explore?

Disclosure: we were lucky enough to win our Flybe flights and B&B accommodation at The Club Hotel & Spa. We also received a Jersey Pass from Visit Jersey which gave us free entry to attractions for the purposes of an honest review. We paid for our own food, cheeky cocktails and car hire.

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Where would you go if you had 24 hours in Jersey ? This is what we did and some recommendations for anyone planning a short break in the largest of the UK Channel Islands

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Packing my Suitcase

Thursday 5th of May 2016

What a beautiful place for a break!! You guys did a lot! The tunnel is so interesting, I never heard of it! Such beautiful pictures, and great tips too :D

Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes

Claire Hall - Tin Box Traveller

Thursday 5th of May 2016

Thanks! It was a whistle-stop tour and has given us a taste for returning :)

Sarah Christie

Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

Ooh it looks so lovely and the hotel looks gorgeous too. Jersey is somewhere we keep saying we will go to but never get there as we so busy doing other stuff. I need to make sure we do it x

Claire Hall - Tin Box Traveller

Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

We never thought of going there either but I'm so glad we had the opportunity. The hotel was very nice. Five star service really is worth the money! :)

[email protected]

Friday 29th of April 2016

I love the fact that you hired a car too small for any kids to fit in! It looks as though you had an amazing time, and really made the most of the child-free break. #MondayEscapes


Thursday 28th of April 2016

Wow you managed to do loads in 24 hours. We camped there for a week back in 2012 and near enough did the same things as you in that time (minus the car!). It's a great island and I'd love to go back some time. #Mondayescapes

Lauren (The Helpful Hiker)

Thursday 28th of April 2016

Wow you certainly crammed a lot in! Looks like you had an amazing time, I bet it was a real treat having no kids with you! I've never been to the Channel Islands but would love to , the scenery looks fab and so much to visit! La Mare would definitely be on my list too :-) #MondayEscapes

Claire Hall - Tin Box Traveller

Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

It certainly was a revelation travelling without kids again! :)

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