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Review: Yummy Mummy Maternity

As a second-time round mummy, I already have a fully stocked – if not slightly tired – maternity wardrobe. However, this hasn’t stopped me clicking longingly through the mum-to-be pages of fashion websites.

So when the lovely people at Yummy Mummy Maternity asked me if I’d like to review a product from their range I jumped at the chance.

Who are Yummy Mummy Maternity?

Yummy Mummy Maternity is run by a small team of mumprenaurs in Hove, East Sussex. So as busy family people they know what bumpy ladies are looking for from their clobber.

They have a great collection of clothes. I found a whole bunch of posh frocks and every day essentials that I’d love to add to my wardrobe. This is very different to my experience of shopping for maternity wear on the high street where stores seem to limit their ranges to a few items in one style.

If like me you prefer to get tactile with your clothes before you remove the price tags, you’ll be pleased to know that Yummy Mummy Maternity offer free returns. This is particularly reassuring when you are changing size and shape from week to week.

What did I think of the jumper?

I ordered this long, dark blue wrap-style jumper designed by Mama-licious Maternity wear. It has all the flattering features a curvy lady like myself looks for including a v-neck to minimise the bosom and long length to cover ample hips and bottoms.

always hate choosing the size of clothes I buy online, particularly when I’m pregnant. When you can’t physically see the garment in front of you do you go by the size you were or what you think you might be now? 

So when I placed my order I used the size guide on the website. It suggested I was a large – roughly a size 14 to 16 – and I was thrilled when the top delivered fitted really well.

I’ve now worn the jumper a couple of times and found it really versatile. I was able to crawl around at soft play without feeling the need to keep pulling the hemline down to cover my belly, and was able to go on to a friend’s baby shower later that same day and feel like I was wearing something smart.

I’ve also worn it to work and to dinner with the in-laws.

What do I love about the jumper?

  • My hormones are raging so it doesn’t take long for me to get hot and smelly – particularly at soft play! However, the jumper was light enough to leave me feeling cool and whiff free all day
  • The length and cross-over style of the top was very flattering and practical, especially if you don’t have time to worry an escaping belly
  • I love the colour, which is ideal for concealing the odd sticky mark that you inevitably pick up with a toddler who has dirt magnets for hands. 

Is there anything I don’t like?

Minor, picky point alert! The arms were on the large size. I find this with a lot of maternity tops so maybe I am a bit of a funny shape? Like I say, this is a tiny issue and hasn’t put me off the top at all.

What else do I like about Yummy Mummy Maternity’s clothes?

I was really impressed to find over-the-bump waterproof trousers in the their collection – something I can’t remember seeing anywhere else. What a fab idea for mums-to-be who enjoy an outdoors life-style!

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    Disclosure: Yummy Mummy Maternity sent me a Mama-licious Maternity jumper free of charge for the purposes of writing a review. My opinions are my own.

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