Tin Box 2 a Vanmaster Applause caravan
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Introducing Tin Box 2 – our new caravan

Meet Tin Box 2 – a 2011 Vanmaster Applause and our new companion for weekend and holiday adventures.
It’s a big step up from Tin Box 1 – our much loved 2009 Bailey Senator Arizona which we said goodbye to in March.
We wouldn’t have dreamed of having such a posh set of wheels if it hadn’t have been for my folks, so big thanks mum and dad!

It’s a long story but briefly, they traded in our caravan for a Motorhome and we got their van in the exchange. The reason was that the difference in the dealer’s offer for their van and ours (considering age and quality) was silly, so it was a no brainier to keep the best of the two. There’s no way we could have afforded it otherwise.

Tin Box 2 is a custom-built, four birth caravan with a fixed bed, under-floor heating and real wood furnishings. There’s a lounge/dining area at the front of the van, a kitchen in the middle and then a bedroom with end bathroom at the back. The layout is exactly the same as the current V580 SBEW model.

We took the new Tin Box out for her first spin to a Caravan Club Certified Location near Farnham, with loads of space for Tin Box Tot to run around.

We had a really peaceful stay during which we were able to acquaint ourselves with Tin Box 2.

The first thing we noticed was that we suddenly had a lot more storage. There’s acres of room under the fixed bed and loads of locker space. This is a massive bonus considering there’s going to be an extra little person accompanying us on our travels in the next month or so.
We also have a large fridge and don’t have to make up our bed anymore – luxury!
One thing that we were a little nervous about before we went away was Tin Box Tot’s sleeping arrangements. In our old van the side dinette made up into a bed that we could partition off while we sat at on the front seats during the evening.
The Vanmaster doesn’t have this arrangement. So we put TBT to sleep on our fixed bed, sat down in the lounge area for the evening and had to gingerly move her to the front of the van when it was our bedtime. We had no idea how this was going to work having never moved her in the middle of the night. Luckily it was a roaring success – she didn’t stir.
Since our first trip out we have been busy finding things to make Tin Box 2 our own – a carpet runner to absorb muddy foot and paw prints, some new pictures for the walls and new melomime crockery. She already feels like part of the family.

We have lots of caravanning adventures planned for this year and can’t wait to hit the road with Tin Box 2 again.

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