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6 eco friendly toiletries I love (and I think you will too)

6 eco friendly toiletries I love (and I think you will too)

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If you’re looking to swap some of your everyday wash bag items for eco friendly toiletries I want to share some that I’ve been putting to the test.

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Moving to eco-friendly toiletries

If you’ve been following me on social media over the past few years you’ll know that our family has been trying to be more environmentally conscious. I know a lot of you have with the climate crisis looming large for all of us.

But what can we do about it as individuals? It’s a huge, mind blowing problem that feels overwhelming. Big change is needed, and fast. But a shift in mind set, lifestyle and buying habits takes time. 

So, bit by bit we have been making changes and it’s all adding up. We’ve switched to bulk buying bamboo loo roll and eco-friendly cleaning products. We’ve leased an electric car and in our latest green move we’ve had solar panels fitted to our house. 

These are all things we’ve had to factor in while money is tight. But we know they are going to save us and help the environment in the long run.

One of the smaller changes I’ve been making is to switch items in my wash bag for greener alternatives. 

I’ve tried out quite a few zero waste and natural cosmetics in the past year. Some have worked for me and some haven’t. I’ll explain why below.

So, here’s some of the eco friendly toiletries that have become permanent fixtures in my daily routine:

1. Cotton make up pads

UpCircle Hemo and Cotton makeup pads
UpCircle Hemp and Cotton makeup pads

Each month I used to get through bags of disposable cotton wool pads removing my make up. Now I use a greener solution – washable cotton pads.

They work just as well as cotton wool and there’s no waste.

These Hemp and Cotton make up pads from UpCircle are made from 100% natural material and are Vegan friendly.

2. Safety razor

UpCircle safety razor
UpCircle safety razor

I don’t mind admitting that the switch from a plastic razor to a metal safety razor was a tad scary. It feels much heavier in your hand and changing the blade can be a bit fiddly when you know how sharp it is. 

But I can honestly say I’d not go back to Bics (other brands are available but I like the alliteration).

My safety razor gives such a smooth shave and the blade lasts a few months. 

The only downside? I couldn’t take this in my hand luggage on a plane because it has a removable blade.

This safety razor from UpCircle comes with two blades to get you started. 

Soap bars

Faith in Nature soap bar
Faith in Nature soap bar

My childhood memories of soap bars put me off for a long time. They were just a bit ‘meh’ – chemically harsh and artificially fragranced.

But after recently replacing my bottles of body wash with natural soaps I’ve become a big fan. The smell and feel lovely.

They also come in plastic free packaging, are made with natural ingredients and are cruelty free.

I particularly like the smell of Faith in Nature soaps.

If beautiful smelling toiletries tempt you too, take a look at Green Pharmacy for herbal skin products.

Natural shampoo and conditioner

Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner
Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner

The only thing I’ve not had success with when it comes to hard soaps is shampoo and conditioner bars. It may be my fine hair, but applying and working in hard soap seems to result in me pulling out clumps.

So, as a compromise, I’m now using Faith in Nature Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner. They are 99% natural, SLS free and Vegan. I love the smell and the conditioner is brilliant at detangling my girls’ hair too.

The downside is that these hair products come in plastic bottles, which pains me a lot. But if you buy larger quantities of Faith in Nature liquid products you can refill them at places around the UK.

Bamboo toothbrushes

The Humble Co. bamboo tooth brush set
The Humble Co. bamboo tooth brush set

This is such a simple eco friendly toiletry swap. Bamboo toothbrushes are just as good at keeping your teeth clean, they’re no more expensive and they last as long as a conventional brush. And it’s one less piece of plastic in your bathroom.

The bamboo ones from The Humble Co. come in medium, soft and ultra soft. They also do children’s brushes.

Natural deodorant

Soaphoria Organic natural deodorant
Soaphoria natural deodorant

Here’s something else I’ve been cynical about in the past. “Can a natural product really mask my own natural pong,” I’ve wondered. 

But after more than a year using a plastic free, natural deodorant I’m super happy I made the switch. Natural antiperspirants don’t block your pores or expose your sensitive underarm area to harsh chemicals.

Soaphoria’s organic deodorant is a cream that you massage into your armpits.

Are you tempted to make a switch to eco friendly toiletries? Or do you have natural and zero waste products you can recommend?

Disclosure: this post has been written in collaboration with Notino. All opinions are my own.

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