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Teebee box review – a clever travel toy box

Teebee box review – a clever travel toy box

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If your kids are like mine they will love playing with boxes. Whether they are made of card, paper or plastic, boxes hold their attention for ages. And the more flaps and compartments the better. Something we have been playing with recently is the Teebee box – a travel-friendly toy box from Denmark.

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Teebee asked us to review their box during lockdown, so we haven’t been able to take it on a trip yet but we have given it a good test at home.

About the Teebee box 

The Teebee box is a clever toy box that you can use at home and on your travels.

Laughing child holding closed Teebee box

It’s triangular, so kids can hold it between their legs while seated, and it comes with three in-built trays and a brick plate.

The design is ideal for young kids who inevitably drop toys in the gap between their lap and the trays in the back of airplane, train and coach seats. Any parent who has experienced the limb-twisting hassle of scrabbling on the floor for lost crayons will understand the benefits of this on flights and road trips.

Teebee box being used in car
Picture from Teebee

Options and accessories

You can order the Teebee box in five different colours. It comes with a brick plate, a real leather carry handle (sorry Vegans), an eyes sticker and colouring book with pencils. It costs £24.

You can buy the Teebee in this online shop*.

Graphic of what's included in a Teebee toy box including colouring book and pencils, brick tray, storing tray, eye sticker and leather strap

You can buy a pack of six extra eye stickers to personalise your box. This costs £3.

Teebee eye sticker set

If you are having problems seeing the GBP prices on the Teebee website* click on DKK KR in the top right of the web page to get a drop down currency selection box.

Things you can put in your Teebee box

You can load your Teebee with lots of different things to keep kids entertained during journeys:

  • Snacks
  • Building blocks
  • Animal and people figures
  • Play dough
  • Cars
  • Playing and collectable cards
  • Beads
  • Loombands
  • Mini colouring books and pencils.
Trays of Teebee box loaded with small toys, colouring book, building blocks and snacks

My girls’ favourite thing to do with their Teebees while we have been home is to use them as lunch boxes. They are made from non-toxic ABS plastic and are free from Bispethanol A and phtalate. They can also be hand washed. 

Teebee box trays filled with children's snacks
Child's hand reaching into tray for a snack

Really, you can use your Teebee to hold whatever your kids are into. It is 16.2cm high, 15cm deep and 17.5cm wide, so as long as it fits, anything goes.

What ages is the Teebee for?

The Teebee is ideal for my kids who are aged four and seven, and I suspect they will be using them for several more years. It will hold whatever they are interested in, so there’s really no upper age limit. The minimum suggested age is three-years-old.

Teebee box review

I love the versatility of the Teebee. The design is spot on for travel with kids, from the leg huggable shape to the creative space it gives them to play when you are on the move. My girls like the fact they can use it to carry lots of fun things, and of course, snacks!

Here’s where to buy this clever travel toy box*.

Disclosure: we were sent our Teebee boxes for the purposes of reviewing them on the blog. All views are my own. This post also contains affiliate links marked with *. If you click on one of these and make a purchase I may earn some commission. This does not affect the price you pay.

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