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Moonwrap robe for kids reviewed 

Moonwrap robe for kids reviewed 

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We’re now three years into our paddle boarding adventures, so it’s a hobby that we know is definitely here to stay. That’s why we decided to invest in a Moonwrap robe for each of the kids at Christmas.

They’ve been pinching Mr Tin Box’s and my own Dryrobe far too often after dips in the sea. So it was high time to get them their own so we could all stay warm outdoors.

But which changing robe should you get for kids?

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We love our DryRobes but they ain’t cheap. And, at the rate kids grow, buying a child’s size isn’t the same long term investment.

This is why we decided to shop around.

After reading reviews and comparing various features, we decided on the children’s size Frostfire Moonwrap.

Frostfire Moonwrap features

Child wearing changing robe at beach

Here’s the key features of these waterproof changing robes:

  • 3/4 Length Sleeves with wide easy-change cuffs.
  • 100% waterproof outer shell with warm, synthetic fleece lining.
  • Fleece lined hood
  • Deep zipped pockets
  • two way zip on the main body of the robe.

The Moonwrap robe for children comes in four colours as standard: black, red and two shades of blue. You might also find limited edition colours like camouflage.

We went for black and red.

What ages is it for?

There are two children’s sizes: Extra Small (XS) and Small (S).

Extra Small measures 100cm (39”) cuff to cuff and 85cm (33”) from shoulder to bottom

It’s recommended for children 92cm (3’0”) to 140cm (4’6”) in height or five to nine-years-old. 

The Small size measures 131cm (52″) cuff to cuff and 96cm (38″) from shoulder to bottom.

It is suggested this is best for children between 105cm (3’5”) and 165cm (5’5”) in height or nine to 15-years-old.

The retail price for both sizes is the same: £89.99.

We bought the Small size for our girls, aged six and eight at the time, to allow for growing.

This size works just fine but is noticeably longer on six-year-old Tin Box Baby. She has a lot more material to use then her sister. She’s not tripping over it though.

Our Frostfire Moonwrap review

Child splashing in sea

We bought our Moonwraps for Christmas 2021 and got to use them for the first time in January. And our first impressions have been really good.

The only grumbles from my two as we walked back across the beach after our January dip was that they wanted to be picked up because they were tired. There was no ‘I’m cold’ or ‘I can’t feel my fingers’. Their hands were firmly stuffed in their Moonwrap pockets and their wet hair was hidden under their hoods.

Smiling child with changing robe hood up at beach
Moonwrap robe

They were even enjoying adding beach finds to their pockets as we went. Which reminds me, I really need to give those a regular check for any undesirable pieces of flotsam and jetsam!

I’ll add to this review as we go, but so far we like the quality of the material and how the robes’ perform outdoors.

Frostfire Moonwrap vs Dryrobe

Child and adult walking along beach in Moonwrap and Dryrobe changing robes

Having now bought both, I feel in a good position to compare the Frostfire Moonwrap vs Dryrobe.

While I’m comparing our adult Dryrobes with the children’s Moonwrap the same observations are valid for adult and children’s sizes as they are essentially the same product, just scaled up or down.

So what’s the same and what’s different?

Waterproof outer

Hand in pocked of changing robe
Moonwrap robe

The 100% waterproof outer material seems identical on both the Moonwrap and DryRobe. So there’s no risk of getting wet in the rain and you could sit down on wet ground without the fear of getting a soggy bottom.

Fleece lining

The synthetic fleecy inner feels a little thinner on the Moonwrap but it did a good job of keeping the kids warm after our January swim. It also didn’t hold water when the kids sat in their robes, still wearing their wet suits, on the drive home.

No wringing out was necessary, so the fleece material performs just like it does in the Dryrobe – keeping you warm but not retaining moisture.

Zips and pockets

Zip on Moonwrap changing robe

The zip and toggle seem as sturdy on the Moonwrap as on the Dryrobe. They are just as easy to use with cold hands.

There’s a zipped pocked on the inside of the Moonwrap where you could keep a smartphone, wallet or other valuables. Unlike the Dryrobe this doesn’t have a small eyelet where you could thread through some headphones.

The Dryrobe also has an open topped ‘poacher’ pocket inside on the right. You don’t get this with the Moonwrap.

Fit and usability

The fit of the Moonwrap is also seems good. The kids haven’t tried changing in them yet, but it looks like they have plenty of room to do so.

This is going to come in handy in the warmer months when we are whipping wetsuits and swim suits off at the beach. In the winter months we usually just wrap up in our robes and head home rather than start pulling off wetsuits in a cold car park. 

Sustainable materials

Both Frostfire and Dryrobe have statements of commitment to sustainable manufacturing. But as far as I can see on their websites and product information it’s only the Dryrobe that is made from 100% recycled materials.


The RRP for the Dryrobe for kids aged five to nine years old is £85 to £140 while the size for 10 to 13-year-olds is £120 to £140. The Moonwrap RRP is £89.99 regardless of size and colour.

As we bought the size recommended for nine-year-olds and up we saved £30 to £50 by buying Moonwraps.

Overall we’re really happy with our Moonwrap robe purchases. I’ll add to this comparison if there’s anything else to say during ongoing use.

Where to buy the Moonwrap

Here’s a few places to check prices and shipping:

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