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Happiness is…the freedom of caravanning

Enjoying a bit of freedom

It seems like there’s a new survey out daily telling us what we all think about the government, supermarket shopping or celebrity pet names. It’s up to you how seriously you take them as there’s likely to be another study saying the opposite the next day.

I’m proud to include myself in the 81 percent of Britons (or whatever proportion were surveyed) that get a warm fuzzy feeling about spending holidays in a tent or caravan. But what is it that makes camping holidays, in all their forms, so popular?
For me it’s freedom. Freedom to set your own timetable or forget the clock all together. Freedom from the daily chores, while still enjoying some home comforts. Freedom to enjoy what our beautiful country has to offer, without spending a fortune on hotels.
I think it’s a bit sad that the survey also found that 63 percent of people thought there was nothing to look forward to in the British summer. I think they need to get out a bit more!